Did 247Playz.com take money from your account?

Did 247Playz.com take money from your account?

Have you like many other customers from 247Playz.com also been charged money on your credit card that you have not authorized?

247Playz.com have build a business around a subscription model that automatically charges its customers from their credit card. So that leaves the question: Is it realistic that you can get your money back from 247Playz.com? Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once 247Playz.com has taken them.

A chargeback with your bank might be a bad idea

A natural reaction would be to go to your bank and ask to do a chargeback, but it might not be the best thing for you because:

  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay
  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it

We will help you fight 247Playz.com to get your money back

We have build a business model around helping consumers get their money back. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from 247Playz.com back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

If you want us to contact and speak with 247Playz.com about your money, then just submit the form below and we will get started right away:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

11 Replies to “Did 247Playz.com take money from your account?”

  1. Ive cancalled my shit ages ago this is twice now that 247playz.com have taken 67$ outta my account without my permission i need my money back im a single mum now me and my son have to go without once again

  2. 247playz.com has taken $75.00 from my bank account without my knowledge or consent and would like to speak to someone , cancel anything I have with this website and would like a refund of the full amount of the $75.00 247playz.com has taken out of my credit card without my consent or knowledge