What to do if 247Mediaz.com took money from your account!

What to do if 247Mediaz.com took money from your account!

Have you like many other customers from 247Mediaz.com also been charged money on your credit card that you have not authorized?

247Mediaz.com have build a business around a subscription model that automatically charges its customers from their credit card. So that leaves the question: How can you get your money back from 247Mediaz.com? Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once 247Mediaz.com has taken them.

Why a chargeback might be a bad idea

A natural reaction would be to go to your bank and ask to do a chargeback, but it might not be the best thing for you because:

  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • You will need to resubscribe to all other services again that you have connected your credit card with (like phone subscription, streaming services, automatic payments etc)
  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay

In many cases, we can get your money back within 3-4 days

We have helped consumers get their money back from 247Mediaz.com in the past. We might have a direct contact that will help process the refund of your money. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from 247Mediaz.com back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

If you want us to contact and speak with 247Mediaz.com about your money, then just submit the form below and we will get started right away:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

67 Replies to “What to do if 247Mediaz.com took money from your account!”

  1. 247mediaz.com charged me 72 dollars on 18th may 2018 i like to know how i cn get tht back i have bn in contct wth my bnk there fore asking that i get in contct wth them asap as they bn taking mny from my acc .pls get in touch wth me by email thnku

  2. 247media.com took $67.82 from my back without authorisation 84470351 and 18667560 is the only other information that came on my transaction with the bill. If I could get it returned great because it was my son who is 5yo who made the purchase due to card belting linked to computer. How do I cancel the service

  3. Hi my daughter subscribed to this without my knowledge and used my credit card. I need this refunded asap, the charge I discovered on my bank statement was $74 NZD or $49.99 USD

  4. How do I get money back they jus took money from account yesterday 13th aug 2018.. don’t know how to stop it from happening g

  5. 247mediaz has been chargeing my credit card 68.00 Australian dollars how do I cancel it
    This is what the statement states
    247 median .com 18667560507 grin amount 49.95 US dollar recurring direct debit Aus 68.00

  6. I foolishly believed they were giving away $100.00 Sobey’s gift coupons. Then their was this subscription. I did not authorize any money coming off my credit card from them. They have taken 2 payments, 1 for $1.37 and the 2nd for $65.09 cdn. Please help and cancel this subscription.

  7. I have sent in request to cancel this and now another payment had been charged to my credit card for $67.87 . Why was this not cancelled?? I would like to request refund on above ant. Has it was charged after I cancelled this.

  8. El dia 6 de Noviembre del 2018 me han pasado 49,95€ y no tengo ni idea de que son. Me lgkustaria recuperar mi dinero y darme de baja de lo que quiera ser que se me haya inscrito. busco información y guía.

  9. Hi I do not know how you could draw money from me. I want my money back. I want you to deleate all my accounts that I have on this site. /Susanne Aldrin

  10. This site charged $1.44 to my credit card when I didn’t sign up for anything. I thought it was too good to be true “movies for nothing” and it was . I dropped th link before I committed to anything. This is a scam to get your credit card details and should be illegal.

  11. Necesito que me.cancelen mi suscripcion que jamas supe que hice, pense que el.mes pasado lo habia hecho pero este mes me volvio hacer el cobro, necesito que me devuelvan mi dinero, y den solucion a mi problema

  12. Hi I don’t remember if i subscribed to 247 Mediaz.com or not as i was looking after my very sick husband ( who has since died ) . They are taking money out of my bank account on the 8th of every month . I wish to inscribe & if i can get my money back . Thanks Chrissy

  13. I have been charged for unauthorized payments from my card. I just logged in to my account to start a budget plan to find out I’ve been charged for this unknown service for over a year! Very unprofessional and unacceptable. I would like my funds returned to my card. This is my first attempt to resolve the issue but I’ve already notified my legal shield attorney. Hopefully we can resolve this issue in a timely manner.

  14. Tengo cargos en mi MASTER CARD cuyos últimos cuatro dígitos son 8108, de esta pagina 247MEDIAZ.COM en las fechas 21 de febrero de 2019 por un monto de U$S 49,95, y el 23 de febrero de 2019 por un monto de U$S 49,95. Solicito se me realice el REEMBOLSO correspondiente a la brevedad, dado que no me suscribí en esta pagina y se hicieron los cargos mencionados sin mi consentimiento. O de lo contrario solicito se me de la BAJA DE SUSCRIPCIÓN de inmediato en caso de haberla

  15. Je souhaite me désabonner dans l’immédiat de 247Mediaz.com et ainsi cesser les prélèvements sur mon compte dès ce jour.

  16. 毎月のカード明細に、使った覚えのない金額があります。返金できなくても、停止だけでもしてほしいです。

  17. Hi good day.

    I have in my current account a transaction of my Visa card that indicates that on August 30, 2018 I made a payment of 49.95 (I do not know which currency) in Cyprus, which I did not make, I need detailed information that you have regarding to this transaction to invalidate this charge in my bank. Please. Thank you.

  18. Hy there
    Yesterday i had sign in with this website, there was clearly written that they wont charge any money so i put my bank details but i was chargedtoday. I just want my money back pls.

  19. I have been charged since 14/01/2019 on a monthly basis the sum of £43.41 plus a currency transaction fee ranging from £1.26 to £1.32, each month, until I had the payment stopped by my Aqua Credit Card.
    I have no idea what this charge is for and would welcome your assistance in recovering the total amount of £222.21, as I have no idea what it is for?
    Many thanks
    Keith Irwin

  20. Hi I had my subscription cancelled last week after money was taking from my account after being reimbursed and told no further monies would taken from my account there is $1.50 being taken out on the 2nd of July please stop this ASAP