What to do if FastPlayz.com took money from your account!

What to do if FastPlayz.com took money from your account!

Have you like many other customers from FastPlayz.com also been charged money on your credit card that you have not authorized?

FastPlayz.com have build a business around a subscription model that automatically charges its customers from their credit card. So that leaves the question: How can you get your money back from FastPlayz.com? It can often be extremely difficult and frustrating trying to get the money back once FastPlayz.com has taken them from your account.

A chargeback with your bank might be a bad idea

A natural reaction would be to go to your bank and ask to do a chargeback, but it might not be the best thing for you because:

  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay
  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it

We can help you get your money back

In many cases, we typically manage to get customers their money back from FastPlayz.com within 3-4 days. We know the process and have dealt with FastPlayz.com before. We, of course, cant work for free, we charge a fee of 5 EUR for us to process the case. However, we only charge that fee if you actually manage to get your money back!

If you want us to contact and speak with FastPlayz.com about your money, then just submit the form below and we will get started right away:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

162 Replies to “What to do if FastPlayz.com took money from your account!”

  1. FASTPLAYZ.COM has stolen my 49,95€ from my card,on 25 march 2018 at 9:05,42sec.and on 22 march and 20 march they also charged me 1,03€.j have never signed in this Page and j would like my money to be refunded back.

  2. I Was charged 49.95€. Twice, on day 16/06 and on 20/06 without my authorization!! I have never signed to this bullshitFASTPLAYZ !! Feel frustraded to have less 100€ on my Account! Want my money back!

  3. Hello,
    I had two unknown debits on my credit card account from:
    FastPlayz.com $49.95
    247muzic.com $49.95
    I don’t have any subscription records on those sites and my credit card company doesn’t help me that they thought it’s my fault that I input my card information, but I did not have any agreement with them.
    In Japan there is no information of these two, if you can help me it will be appreciated.

  4. They took $49.95 on June 30 though I’ve never signed up on their page, but my credit card company insists that it’s my fault that I gave them my credit card information. In fact there was a suspicious website but I have not confirmation with this website so it’s a devil’s proof for me.

  5. Hej
    Jeg er blevet opkrævet 377,00, og da jeg ikke har tilmeldt mig fastplay, vil er gerne have min penge tilbage.
    på forhånd TAK

  6. I have had money taken from my account by fastplayz.com and I am positive I didn’t authorize this payment. Can you help me to sort out this issue. Thanks Andrew Bridge

    1. I’ve been charged by this fake app that I didn’t even use I need my money back immediately how can you help me get it back .

  7. FASTPLAYZ.COM has stolen my 49,95€ from my card,on 25 July 2018 and July they also charged me 1,03€ on July the 20th.I have never signed in this Page and I would like my money to be refunded back.

  8. FASTPLAYZ.COM has stolen my 67,95$ from my card on 1 July and on
    1 August they also charged me 66.74.Ihave never signed in this Page and i would like my money to be refunded back.

  9. (I’m a robbed Citizen;) I got money taken from my visa debit card. And I’m not member or anything. I got robbed $78.00. Can you help me get my money back. I don’t deserve this. Can u please help me.?

  10. Im not a member and didnt buy nothing! But they took mony:::

    01.08.2018 FASTPLAYZ.COM 5167371003271445 31.07.18 FASTPLAYZ.COM \\18663574546 \3032 -49.95
    02.08.2018 247muzic.com 187755667 5167371003271445 01.08.18 247muzic.com 187755667\\Nicosia \1070 -49.95

  11. They have been taken $66.25 from my bank since Oct 2017 to June 2018, without my my knowledge or authorised it. How do I get the money back.

  12. I cancel this account earlier on in the year. And they refunded money that was owing. But they still continued to take money out my account. Owning me six months worth.

  13. I was charged 49.99 on 9.10, But the banks internet account is telling me that there were two identical trnsaction in the past two monyhs.

    Thank you.

  14. I Was charged 49.95€. Twice, on day 09/10 and on 10/10 without my authorization!! I have never signed to this FASTPLAYZ and MusikMac!! I have less 100€ on my Account! Want my money back!

  15. Hi, I seem to be a victim of this fraud. I didn’t sign up to receive content. I looked at it but decided it wasn’t the kind of thing I’m interested in. I did not sign anything that said they could have my money. They have charged my account $49.95USD today Oct, 30/2018 and I must have it back. They also charged my account $1.03USD on October 22/2018.
    I’m seeing a lot of this in the comments on this page. Who is stopping them???
    Please help us.

    Hey, has anyone actually received their money back?

  16. I have a charge on my debit card that I have no knowledge of and see on my bank statement a charge of $76.50NZ dollars from fastplayz.com 18888965411 CYP CY can you please refund or give me any information on this charge, Thank You Trevor Green

  17. I was charged $66.20 Canadian funds on my Credit Card. I did not sign up for this, only looked at it????? I would like to receive this money back. Thank you

  18. Tengo un cargolos el cual no reconozco de 49,95 de fecha 26 de noviembre de 2018
    Solicitó la devolución de dicho cargo y la anulación de cualquier subcripcion que se haya podido generar de forma insconsciente.

  19. I was charged $67.35 on my MasterCard Credit Card on October 27, 2018. I phoned the company at 1-866-357-4546 and they told me I could not have a refund. They said they would cancel my subscription (which I never applied for in the first place!!!!). I never received any money back….. I don’t even know what FastPlayz.com is??????

  20. Muy molesto en verda uno trabaja y el dia de mi cobro miro mi cuenta y esta jente de quetiraron 49.95 como si a mi me regalaran los chavos y no se de esta jente pero ya ise una de nusia y fuy a mi banco y estan trabajando con este asunto

  21. Mi hanno preso 49.95.Non ho capito come mai aiutatemi a riprendere i solde si Non devo rinunciare per truffa

  22. Fastplayz took money from my account again already got money back once now they took another 69$ from me
    Would like it back plz

    1. Dear Refund-Helper, could u please stop to say “ask a chargeback to your bank” when a cardholder receive a debt after a survey answer thath need card details to send an iphone for only 1$ of shipping?

      If people are stupid and dupe, isn’t a Bank problem!!!

      Be honest and serious, stop to believe at flying donkeys!!!!!!!
      Wake up, morons

  23. Good morning FastPlayz.com and several times I have been charged $ 49.95 without my authorization and I would like to get the money back

  24. On May 1st this year, and amount of $75.04 was taken from my Debit Plus Card. It went to fastplayz.com29… USD $49.95. I don’t know what that was for.

  25. On May 1st this year, and amount of $75.04 was taken from my Debit Plus Card. It went to fastplayz.com29… USD $49.95. I don’t know what that was for.

  26. they took money out of my partners bank account without any authorisation 44pounds and i want it put back into her account as we did not sign up for any subscription so want my money back please

  27. This is the worst site ever dont try and use it you cant … theu take your money and you cant even log in to cancel the subscription …..NOT HAPPY ! ! !

  28. Yea fastplay took 78.30 ot of my account can u please help me with the refund and how do un subscribe

  29. Hi i signed up to a free service it said my card would only be used to verify my account but its took money out my bank and also i am unable to view and streams so didnt even open an account for me

  30. 6 Jul ’19 POS W/D 49.95USD @ 0.6601 conversion rate
    5 Jul ’19
    Card Number:

  31. Hi I have been having money taking out my account for the last 3 moths now. Unauthorised!! Help me please. I need all this money back asap

  32. My account was hacked by fastplazs.com the amount of $76.23 from my debt card Friday today when my Centrelink payment went through. I received $480 a fortnight I cannot afford this 7623 that I did not order or whatever it is can you please help me

  33. I want my money back you took or i will report you as you have no right to take my money all you are is a scam

  34. fastplayz.c are debiting my credit card £51.26 per month under their reference no 1866357454 since 22 July
    2019 and I would be grateful if you would endeavour to recover these sums and if you do I agree to pay your fee of 5 Eur.

  35. Voglio annullare abbonamento da questo mese, per quanto riguarda il pagamento dei mesi precedenti, se è possibile chiedere il rimborso, altrimenti pazienza, l’importante che dal mese di ottobre non sia pi addebitato sulla mia carta di credito. Sono andato sul sito web, non riesco ad cancellare l’abbonamento.
    In attesa di una risposta in merito, gradite distinti saluti

  36. They said, it was free to use but ended up charging me £51 i’m honestly furious, what a disgusting website conning people out of money with lies.

  37. A friend of mine lost money by both fastplayz & captplay, ” (3 x 57.95€). He tried a “Free Trial” and was billed immediately. He canceled his visa card and still they managed to take money from his account. How can you help him?

  38. I have had $78.57 taken from my account and I have no idea what it is for????? Can you please get my money back and tell me how I can stop this happening again

  39. please can you get my 78.57 back which was taken from bank account on the 2nd November 2019.

    Kindest regards Glenys

  40. please can I get the money FastPlayz.com took from my bank account please. On the 5/11/19 they tool $78..82 from my Westpac account

    1. I would appreciate you never taking money from account again and……. to replace funds you have already taken out. I asked you to stop taking funds out weeks again but you insist on taking funds out of my bank account. I am on a pension and cannot afford these bloody payments, it means I cannot eat for that week. I live on a very small income and it vitally important that this stops. this now the 2nd or third time I have asked you. PLEASE STOP TAKING MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT and replace the funds you have taken out. I would appreciate it

  41. FASTPLAYZ took £49 on the 30th December then £50 on the 19th January could you help me get it back .thank you .

  42. they have taken the following from my bank account:
    11 feb 2020 fastplayz.com 07
    Details************ 6900 USD 49.95

    30th Dec 2019 fastplayz.com 23
    Details************ 6900 USD 49.95

  43. Fastplay z pobralo mi najpierw 4,53 A teraz 267zl nie wspominając o tym wcześniej, wyświetlany film na ich koncie rzekomo był darmowy. Pierwsza transakcja była dnia 15.03.2020 A ostania 20.03.2020

  44. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren.
    fastplayz.com hat mir 2x ohne meine Zustimmung und ohne einen Vertag Geld von meine Kreditkarte eingezogen. Bitte um Ihre Hilfe…!!! Hier die nicht beauftragten Umsätze:

    Lastschrift / NR7244459011 8886623028 CY KAUFUMSATZ 21.03 150516 ARN74245000084000230714486
    -47,54 €
    NR7244459011 8886623028 CY KAUFUMSATZ 21.03 150516 ARN74245000084000230714486

    Lastschrift / NR7244459011 8779950460 CY KAUFUMSATZ 28.03 122048 ARN74245000088000332739072
    -47,52 €
    NR7244459011 8779950460 CY KAUFUMSATZ 28.03 122048 ARN74245000088000332739072

    Bitte um Rückbuchung
    MfG Michael Hager

  45. they took $1 Dollar on March 20 and they took $49.95 today April 3 without my authorization please i need my money back!

  46. Fastpayz.com debited my account with $ 49.95, which I did not authorize. I’d like to get it back. Thanks

  47. Hi
    Fastplayz and Musicplayz have been taking money from our account since October, we never signed up or used their services and we don’t know how they got our cc details. We cancelled our credit card to stop the charges

    We contacted them and they refunded us 3 months but we would like the full amount


  48. The unauthorised amount is $NZ81.30 on June 9th, 2020. Details are

    #355867 Fastplayz.com 18663574546 CY

  49. The unauthorised amount is $NZ81.30 on June 9th, 2020. Details are

    #355867 Fastplayz.com 1866357

  50. hi there, i have had money withdrawn from my bank account for a purchase i did not make due to it being a large amount I was wondering how I go about requesting a refund?