Cancel membership and getting money back

Cancel membership and getting money back

Have you discovered that money has been taken from your credit card from have build a business around a subscription model that automatically charges its customers from their credit card. So that leaves the question: Is it realistic that you can get your money back from Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once has taken them.

Things to consider before doing a chargeback with your bank

One way to deal with such a situation is to do a chargeback, but it can have some very serious consequences that the bank typically will not tell you:

  • You will need to resubscribe to all other services again that you have connected your credit card with (like phone subscription, streaming services, automatic payments etc)
  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it
  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay

In many cases, we can get your money back within 3-4 days

We have helped consumers get their money back from in the past. We might have a direct contact that will help process the refund of your money. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

If you want us to contact and speak with about your money, then just submit the form below and we will get started right away:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

303 Replies to “Cancel membership and getting money back”

    1. Yo lo hice ninguna compra con esta página y sin embargo veo un cobro. Y no veo donde cancelar. Lo que hice fue una prueba gratis para leer libros y no era con ello. Incluso la del libro que se suponía gratis me cobro 1.8 estoy en shok

  1. I was charged $65.96 CAD on my credit card!! I signed up for a free trial and was charged by I will pursue this to the end. I purchased nothing.. NOTHING.

  2. I am Diane Minhas i sent you a message 2 weeks ago about Zed Play taking money out of my account and they have done it again 2 weeks ago it was $68.72 and this yesterday they took $68.72 again i want it stopped and my money back I am on a pension .


    2. I Signet update for a winning from LIDO. now I See that zedplay hast charged mehr for a membership . I do Not wish to use zedplay

  3. I would like you to return the money you take out of my Halifax account because I did not order the display if the money is not return to my bank account I will go to the watchdog or tradingstand

  4. Zedplay took 75.03 NZD from my bank acount. I dont know why .I did not do anything ,buy anything at this website. Please help me

  5. Today i just got charged 50 euro on zedplays, but i don’t know how to stop it and i would like a refund if you can help

  6. I have once applied a trial to see their movies for 500 Yen but not applied to continue to see it. However since already a year , 49.9 USD has been withdrawn from my bank account every month. I did not know how to solve this problem and I found you by chance.
    Please help me and get my money back from ZEDPLAY.

  7. Hi it’s Camilla iongi here I did not recall signing up with yous and would like a refund please thank you

  8. Dear Madam /Sir,
    I had $49.95 taken from me and want to know why. I signed up for a free trial and purchased nothing. please do the need full to get my money back

  9. Dear Madam /Sir,
    I just recieved massage said that I have won a gift from Sri Lanka post service, then I go through and select one for the gift. ask for details of Visa card details I never thought it is kind of trick. I don’t use any of facility from you there for please do the need full to get my money back

  10. As I mentioned Earlier please call some one for My No below my name is kennedy Iam living in Sri Lanka
    My NO. 0094 77690 3111 thank you! waiting for my Money back

  11. Estafa total No puedo creer que no haya buscado en Google este sitio antes de ingresar mi información. ¡NUNCA PAGUE POR ZEDPLAYS! Lo peor es que me siguen descontando dólares en mi tarjeta de credito.No comprendo lo que pasó.

  12. I have no idea who you are and I have just found out that you’s are in the process of deducting money from my credit card I am requesting that the process be stopped and refund back into my account thank you and could you please delete what ever you have one me thank you. Sincerely Roslyn Herewini.

  13. We have had US$49.5 debited against our credit card since Oct 2016 – 23 months & have never purchased anything from them. This has to stop & hopefully we can get our money back.

  14. Hi zedplays has taken $79.00 out of my account today the 15th of august 2018. I did not sign my card up for this I dont even know what zedplays is. pleaser can I have my money put back in my bank thank you. Also I wish to be unsubscribed from the website please.

  15. I would like to now why you are taking money out of my bank for as I have not given any permission to do so .$69.00 was taken out please refund me as I’m on a disability pension can’t afford for people to take money out of bank .put money back into bank you are frauds

  16. Hola a mí me estafaron de siguiente forma me dijeron que me gané un teléfono móvil i que solo tenía pagar el envío que Hera de $1 peso i al poner mis datos i pagar con tarjeta de crédito me aparece el sitio de que es supuestamente un sitio de películas en línea pero con n ningún momento yo lo contraté sol quería que me enviaran el teléfono móvil i ahora me encuentro con este cobro de us 49.95 que me están cobrando

  17. On 2018-08-13 “Zed(s)” took away 463,33 Swedish Crowns from my card account. I have never had anything to do with this enterprise. Never bought anything, never accepted a membership, never even heard the name. But I have an idea about how it might have happened. On February 1st 2018 an enterprise with a different name, “FastMediaz” offered me to watch a movie I had long sought for though only with subtitles. The membership was free from any cost as long as I did not do anything else than watching movies which, allegedly, were generally free. Only, I was asked to give the information about my credit card, just for the sake that I might later buy other things. I was stupid enough to give even the 3-digit code. But then my suspicion awakened. I was promised to watch my favourite movie WITH SWEDISH SUBTITLES (!!!). So I closed down the page and immediately asked my bank for a new credit card with a new code. Unfortunately I made a mistake. I cut asunder the new card and continued to use the old one. Z could have got my code from F, or Z and F might be the same enterprise. Tomorrow I shall get a new credit card. I have previously written about this fraud. Could this be the reason why “Alerts” is disseminated a warning against Max Scharnberg?

  18. I open a link on my email for to participate in a lottery.
    They said that have taken 2 euros, but they took 50 !!! I want my money back, you’re thieves!!



    1. Questi sono dei pezzi di merda!!! Spero che i miei soldi che mi avete fregato vi servano tutti in medicine !!! ☝☝☝

  21. Hi I never gave sign up for the website I just notice zedplay has taken money out of my bank without permission today total amount $69.38 I’m on a pension can’t afford money getting taken out of my bank please refund me total amount and cancel the membership if theirs one but as I said I didn’t sign up for it tho I will be sending this email as well to the fraud people as well so please put my money back in my bank zedplay please stop taking money out of my bank need to speak to somebody as soon as possible ok

  22. Nu kids this timme my kid is 32 misstag som jag inte godkänt känner mig lurad använder inte tjänsten money back mvh Eva

  23. I had €49.99 deducted from my account even I subscribe for free trial and I didn’t made any purchases or did a premium

  24. Nunca pude aceptar tanto gasto es la mitad de mis ingresos y solo nos pusimos en netflitx porwue era gratis un mes lrs pido por favor se contacten conmigo la financiera dio de baja mi tarjeta no reconozco ni sabemos como ingreso mi tarjeta a ustedes ni ssbemod ni que es solo vimos tres peliculas o cuatro en netflitsx y ellos md dicen les solicite me borren y si pudieran les pido por favor el reintegro de ese monto que realmente rs con lo que comemos en el mes con mi nena de 10 años somos solitas y sabemos hsy un error …la financieta red pagos squi en urugusy espera una pronta respuesta se estaran comunicsndo conmigo hsber si me respondieron ellos me recomendaron lo hiciera …les ahradezco con todo mi corazon gracias por reveeer este tema

  25. Me han inscripto en este lugar engañada ya que entre a netflitx que me ofrecía un mes gratis aparece si quiciera ver las películas en cualquier momento y lugar obvio conteste que si me pidió confirmar los datos de num de tarjeta y mail supuestamente yo segura queceta netflix pero te ponen engañosamente opciones las cuales tu piensas es del mismo cuestionario … quiero morir me han cobrado por alfo que tampoco jamas use….la mitad de mi sueldo son 50 dolares y es con lo que comemos no puedo creer me quiten él dinero de la comida jamás aceptaría algo q costara ese dinero en ningún lugar hablaban de un pago solo un mes gratis netflitx ellos me dicen nada tienen que ver con zetplays y les dije engañosamente piden reafirmes tus datos con los cuales ellos muestran tu te inscribistes si supieran lo que ovacionan en mi canasta de comida ….aquí no es EE.UU aquí nos cuesta mucho real.ente necesito me ayuden gracias perdón los moleste

  26. 67.32 CAD was taken yesterday, I did not want this membership! I don’t think I’ve even heard of zedplays!

  27. Wil graag me geld terug. Dit doordat ik een gratis iets aan tikte en nu nemen ze geld van me rekening 49,95 euro 18667270464cyp

  28. Hi on the 5/11/18 I purchased a free trial from paid postage of $1.43 than on the 7/11/18 they took $69.35 can you please help me.

  29. mi hanno addebitato 49.95 euro silla mia carta io li rivoglio subito indietro aiutatemi non voglio altri adebiti e sopratutto rivoglio i mie soldi

  30. Cancel this thing and I want my money back I never ever used this site I think it’s all a scam and I will be reporting you if the money is not put back in my account I have already been contacted by the fraud department!!!!

  31. Questi sono dei pezzi di merda!!! Spero che i miei soldi che mi avete fregato vi servano tutti in medicine !!! ☝☝☝

  32. the NHL stream site just sent me to your website and their is no affiliation, This a scam and I have passed on to the RCMP. Secondly your customer service person was/is ignorant and brutal. I signed up for free trial. if my cards gets charged i will execute to my lawyer as well.

  33. Ci vi a autorizzato ad prelevare gli soldi dal mio conto corrente?????? Nel 01/12/2018, e come cazzo avete fatto????

  34. Same thing happened to me. Canceling my card now. Total
    Scam. Can’t believe I didn’t google this site before putting my info in. NEVER PAY FOR ZEDPLAYS!

  35. hello…please refund my money…tried the refund but no avail… dont no how you sleep at night, i will be making sure 100% that you put myt money back

  36. hello,,,once again a email from me,,,Sharyn Fine as you took money out of my bank…ring me on 0275215533 asap…

  37. Buon giorno, gentilmente io voglio reclamare un addebito che mi è stato fatto sulla mia carta posta pay Poste Italiane di Euro 49.95 che io non ho richiesto nessun gioco on line. La prego di restituire la somma non dovuta. Grazie

  38. Il sottoscritto Antonino Proietti Gaffi chiede l’annullamento di ogni forma di abbonamento e richiede la restituzione dei 49.95 euro che sono stati addebitati sulla propria carta di credito.

  39. 44.16 Euro have been cut from my swedbank account from EUR however I have never visited this site and actually never knew that this site even exists. Please tell me what to do to recover this money from this fraudulent site

  40. Need a refund…. Was charged twice at 70 a piece for “free trial”. Should be consequences for false advertising and scamming money from people.

  41. Have been charged twice from zedplays. How do I prevent this from happening again. Haven’t purchased anything. I want to unsubscribe now.

  42. I never purchased anytime from this site and I have been charged $49.95 per month for so many months. I didn’t do anytime. I would like to have my money back!

  43. Dear Sirs,
    I was STOLEN at 49.95 USD on 12/11/2018, doing nothing, except to “visit” the site “pulled” from a shopping portal.
    Conclusion, STEALED the data of my Credit Card.
    It is this type of ROBBER cases that call into question Online shopping.
    I want back my money that was stolen by ZedPlays.
    If there is Dignity of Yours, I expect the restitution of my 49.95 USD = 46.06 €

  44. Buen dia. No se como llegue a esto. Tido por primocion de un celular. Deseo cancelar la suscripcion. Decia que no cobraban nada y me apareció que debo pagar

  45. I am 73 years old.I‘d like to get my monay back!Ihave nothing to do with,I can‘anderstend how the have my cardnumber!Pleas help me!

  46. Zedplays are taking money from my credit card that I have not authorised. I want the payments stopped and my money back.

  47. saludos quiero cancelar la suscripción y por favor de devolverme el dinero ya que no recuerdo haber suscrito a esta aplicación ////// Greetings I want to cancel the subscription and please return the money as I do not remember having subscribed to this application

  48. I did a trial basis and purchased nothing. They are debiting my visa credit card without acknowledgement. Please refund be my money for Feb & March for 18667270464 & 18773935075 Nicosia

  49. I had $49.95 taken from me and want to know why. I signed up for a free trial and purchased nothing.

  50. I was charged $57,95 eur on my credit card!! I signed up for a free trial and was charged by I will pursue this to the end. I purchased nothing.. I really don’t understand why must I pay something what was free charges.

  51. Yes I would appreciate your help in getting our money back please.My wife and I are 77 and 78 respectively.We can not afford things like this and we are not into down loading stuff.Many thanks.Rangi Horne

  52. I signed up to the free trial and after reading about people having money taken out of their account I deleted my account and I subscribed straight away but I have just been charged from my credit card even though I took the steps to unsubscribe and delete my account I feel completely violated they took my money and I need it back!

  53. Hello
    I’ve just discovered that Zedplays has been charging me something like 45€ since Sept 2017. However, i have never received any billing information from them. I signed up for a free trial and purchased nothing. Would it be possible to get refunded? If so, what dfo i have to do?
    Best regards

  54. I ask for the return of the money that you have taken over with FRODE and the categorical closure of any subscription.

  55. Zedplay took money from my credit card i did not sign up to anything except a free trial and free move downloads that never worked i couldnt find anyway of unsubscribing and before i new it the money was gone im so dissapointed it was the last of my money to get and my 4 kids theough the week.

  56. I checked my bank account this morning and notice that my money has been used by without my knowledge. I would like this money back, please.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  57. Hi i would like to cancel my membership of have never can you stop taking money out of my account of $79.00 every month. Stop now.

  58. I clicked a link to get a car manual and was told to sign up where there was a free trial for a month. A week later they deducted $74.44 australian out of my account on the 28th May 2019.
    How do I get this back and make sure they do not deduct more money

  59. I had £51.35 taken from and I did not want the subscription. They charged me for the free trial.

  60. Me vino un cargo a la tarjeta VISA de por USD 49.95. No tengo ni idea como se genero este gastos.
    Solicito su reembolso. o Darme de baja de esta suscripcion si fue asi.

  61. ZEDPLAYS.COM . I have never heard of this website before is taking money from my credit card. I have lost 59.95€ for three months. I just want to stop this and get my money back. Please help

  62. I’m not like that kind of thing you company took my with out bermission that’s fucken not good so please give my money back please I’m not doing anything with your company please nd that money is to bay important thing for my bills please.. I need my money back please is so fucken sad please I need my own money now please

  63. I see a 44.29 EUR charge to my credit card in my bank account. I don’t know how it could have happened.
    What info do you need from me in order to start the process to get my money back?

  64. Why you guys took the money from my account but I signed for free trials I want my money back

  65. I had 57,95 euros charged on zedplays and i never signed up for a free trial and purchaged nothing. Please help me to get my money back and protect me from them

  66. continues to attempt to take £59 from my account. I want this stopped as I never received the 52 inch TV that I’m supposed have won and am not able to watch any of the movies they advertised, not that I’d pay that amount to subscribe anything. Please stop

  67. I got a charge of 1.04 USD for what I believe was supposed to be a free trail that I changed my mind about and no longer wanted after I started the process to get the trail, but I thought I didn’t complete it.

  68. I signed up for a free trial thinking I was downloading a free game. No message was sent that I would start paying and am now being charged £50 a month for something I don’t use. I need to cancel and get my money back

  69. I signed up to a free trial on Zedplays thinking I was downloading a free game. No message was ever sent to say I would start paying and am now being charged £50 a month fo r something ai don’t use

  70. You have taken money out yet again, $80 Australian, I want this deposited back into my account and you never take money out again, if you do I’m going to the Authorities about you. CANCEL EVERYTHING TODAY AND GIVE ME MY MONEY VACK

  71. I want my 79.00 back as I have never been with this whatever this is I’m pissed off because I have never even heard of this company but I want my damn money back

  72. I rang my bank and they said zedplay took 81 dollars out of my account i want to cancel everything and i want my money back. I dont like this site and i dont even know what i did to get $81 dollars taken out of my account. I have kids and need the money back asap please!!

  73. Hi, I have made a mistake re: your site. I thought it was a free movie. Now I know Please I need to refund my money back. thanks

  74. The ZedPlay took off 49,95 USD from my credit card. I didnt authority them. I dont have any connection with It is unathorised transaction. Pleas help me to get my money back. Thank you.

  75. I have cancelled my zedplay subscription on the 16th December but have been charged 75 dollars i don’t know why I want a refund and to be taken off your subscriptions

  76. Please cancel my subscription which I completed in error. Please stop taking money from my account. Thanks
    G. La Roche

  77. Akaratomon kívül kerültem a helyzetbe, Azt sem tudom,hogy mikor. 2020. 01.07-én levontak 15 060 Ft-ot, azaz 44.96 eut.

  78. I would like my money refunded back to me from ZEDPLAY.COM as I have not purchased anything from them.

  79. i dont receive my refund about cancellation of my subscription trail.. please kindly dont enter yoursefl in preemiun and take my money. i was requested to cacnell before.. please it was wrotgly add traial through your some fake adv. pls.. see ref. cancel and deactive complete.. remove from your system.. and my credit details..forever delete.

  80. Zed plays mi ha preso 44,84 euro dal mio conto e non mi ero nemmeno reso conto di essere registrato al sito, rivoglio i miei soldi indietro

  81. I have had 3 payments taken from my credit card, you say you can retrieve this? how do I know you also are not a scammer. I have no idea how this was taken but been over the last 3 months and only spotted by chance and if there is a website here to retrieve money from this Zedpalys, more to the point why are they still in business? I need to know you are valid before I give you any more information especially with a lock up starting tonight in this country

  82. I have entered my credit card’s information and I read that I will be charged with 57,90€ after 30 days.
    I would like to un-subscribe immediately.

  83. I have been charged 5x times from and when I signed it up it said that my credit card would not be charged. I can not find the website to cancel my subscription and therefore are still being charged $49.99 USD ($82.75 AUD) my bank wont do a chargeback or dispute as I have no written evidence To show where I have tried to cancel it as no such website exists. I have tried to contact the app developer and the program site but have had no luck. I am running out of options. Please help!

  84. Hello,
    There has been a slight error, I believe my information was used for a subscription with your membership. In March of 2020 my father’s credit card was charged $68.82 and in April $72.86. I never subscribed, my father called his credit card company tonight after getting the statement today and they said it might have something to do with my Etsy subscription. Would you please cancel anything, I’m not sure how to recover this money as I did not know that your website existed (sorry) so I wouldn’t have even logged on if you want to confirm my story.

    Viraja Fernando is my father’s name and the name on the credit card I used for Etsy credit card number ending in xxxx 1960.

    Thank you so much for your time and patience with my hacking situation.

    Viromi Fernando

  85. Hi There, you took $83.96 (NZD) out of my account but i never signed up with you, please i would like to cancel this subscription immediately.
    If you can kindly confirm urgently that this has taken into affect and you have cancelled would be much appreciated.

  86. Me engañaron y me cobraron la cantidad de 1,230 lempiras que son al rededor de 50 dolares

  87. Bij mij is door zed 75 euro ingehouden van mijn creditcard nr 5248 8601 0113 8624. Ik heb niets bij hun afgenomen en ook geen abonnement afgesloten. Ik wil mijn geld zo snel mogelijk terug. J. J Westerduin

  88. My name is Onyema Kawedo
    I just found that today that my 57:95€uros has been booked from my Credit Card Account here in Germany.
    Please I would like to have a Refund of my Money back to my Credit card Account.
    I would like to unsubscribe to any form of the services that I might had unknowingly participated in.
    I wont like to be involved any more with your service online and any other place else.
    After a phone call from someone representing your team, The Amount that was Booked out of my Credit card Account is A Scam. I reget such and I thereby insist on a Refund of my 57:95€uros back to my credit card Account.
    I hereby disengaged myself from any other activities with your service.
    I wont want to receive any more phone calls from your service or otherwise.
    Henceforth I am making my query for my Refund and also my Unsubscrition to your service.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  89. I realised that my money 49.95 USD have been getting withdrawn once a month, in the last three month. Money have been transferring to CULLGAME.COM. I think it’s a scam websites. Could you help me prevent it stealing my money and get my money back.

  90. I have never subscribed to or but i have noticed on my visa statement deductions since 30 March, 30 April, 1st May of $49.95AUD ea plus pending 30th May , 1st June Total $299.70 AUD

    1. Zed plays has been taking money out of my account for months I am a single mother who is a full time student and I can not afford this. All I did was sign up for a free trial and they won’t stop taking money and I don’t know how to stop it

  91. This morning I woke up with a notification from my bank where Zedplay god out of my account £52.38 . That’s awful because i never made an account there. How can I get my money back? Thank you for your help

  92. Just noticed that since April l have had money taken out every month.
    I signed up for a free trial. Card has been cancelled.
    I expect a full refund in 7 works days

  93. Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Булат, я ветеран с моей карты были списаны 49.95 $ не работаю верните деньги я нигде не подписывался.

  94. I wasn’t aware that i would be charged, so can I get my refund for the last payment which happened on the 29th December.
    Thanks, Neil

  95. I was sent a message that I won from JB Hifi and I called JB Hifi and they told me that it is a scam. I need to unsubscribe and my money refunded back to me.

  96. I want my money back in my account you took 57.95euro that I cancel already my subscription I didn’t use it

  97. zedplay charged me $1.36 after i cancelled my subscription after realising they didn’t have a book that was said to be on the site. I didn’t read anywhere that there was a cancellation fee.

  98. I had money stolen from my bank account, I say stolen because I didn’t sign any contract requesting any services for the amount of: 57,95€

  99. …a withdrawal was taken from my account in the form of $49.95 on 3/10/21 & needing to know what this was in reference to?

  100. removed funds from my account yesterday and I want it returned ASAP. Do the right thing or I will start legal proceedings. You have been reported to scamwatch. Criminals.

  101. I don’t have the app on my phone, and I have no idea, what I supposly signed up for, $80 seriously

  102. I would like to cancel my account because will not have enough amount to cover your subscritpion fee.

  103. I keep getting charged 49.95 a month for NOTHING!! Please cancel my subscription, and take me off autopay. If you don’t respond I will call the FBI and turn you in. I’ve done it before!!Sincerely, Wes Chapman.

  104. I got charged for nothing I never even used Zedplays…just received notification that 283.99 AED 77$ has charged! Need my mpney back asap!!!

  105. Zedplays keep getting money from me and I still don’t know what zedplays is

    This is my 3 massage

  106. Please cancell my membership l Michelle Thompson wish to get refund back on my card thanks libe contact on mobile number 0408141435 l don’t want it made mistake

  107. Hi . I have noticed that money from Zedplay has been charged to my bank account. With out my concent, so I would like it to be cancelled , and no more money is to be debited from my account . And would like the money to be credited back into my account.
    I will be reporting this to my bank.

    Thanking you
    Debra Hart

  108. jeden monat 42.41€ bucht von meinem kto. ab.
    möchte Sie bitten dieses rückgängig zu machen.

  109. what even is zedplays. ? keeps taking money from my partners card . I can’t remember signing up for anything

  110. wtf is this site. what even is zedplays. ? keeps taking money from my partners card . I can’t remember signing up for anything