Did BilaBlau take money from your bank account?

Did BilaBlau take money from your bank account?

Have you discovered that money has been taken from your credit card from BilaBlau?

Often customers of BilaBlau have no knowledge that they have been signed up for a subscription that automatically renews and takes money from your credit card. So that leaves the question: Is it realistic that you can get your money back from BilaBlau? Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once BilaBlau has taken them.

Why you should not do a chargeback

One way to deal with such a situation is to do a chargeback, but it can have some very serious consequences that the bank typically will not tell you:

  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it
  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay

Let us help you get your money back

We have helped consumers get their money back from BilaBlau in the past. We might have a direct contact that will help process the refund of your money. We, of course, cant work for free, we charge a fee of 5 EUR for us to process the case. However, we only charge that fee if you actually manage to get your money back!

If you want us to get started on getting your money back from BilaBlau, then just fill out the form below and we will start the process:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

4 Replies to “Did BilaBlau take money from your bank account?”

  1. I bought a hamburger press from bilablau.se worth 33 sek ON 27th March, 2018. I just found out that they have withdrawn 903 sek from my account all in the name of membership i wasnt even aware of. Can you help me get my money back? Thanks

    1. I would appreciate your help I have just checked a credit card that I never use and there are many payments to Bilablau this last month thy have taken over 100 euros, I’m a single mum with no job now!

  2. I bought (from Hungary) from Bilablau in 2017.07.10
    Unfortunately, it only recently appeared that Bilablau was withdrawing “membership” from my bank account
    I wish they could help you recover the money that has been stolen for over 30 months.