Guide: Get a refund from

Guide: Get a refund from

Have you like many other customers from also been charged money on your credit card that you have not authorized?

Often customers of have no knowledge that they have been signed up for a subscription that automatically renews and takes money from your credit card. So that leaves the question: Is it realistic that you can get your money back from Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once has taken them.

Things to consider before doing a chargeback with your bank

A natural reaction would be to go to your bank and ask to do a chargeback, but it might not be the best thing for you because:

  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay
  • You will need to resubscribe to all other services again that you have connected your credit card with (like phone subscription, streaming services, automatic payments etc)
  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it

We will help you fight to get your money back

We have build a business model around helping consumers get their money back. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

If you want us to get started on getting your money back from, then just fill out the form below and we will start the process:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

41 Replies to “Guide: Get a refund from”

  1. I’ve had 3 lots of 45 pounds taken from this company and don’t know who they are or what they are can I get my money back

  2. Standing order taken monthly from my account to do not know who this company is .The amounts are £44.86with £1.23 non sterling transaction fee.Can you please help me.Regards Geoff Hage.

    1. Please refund my money that I’ve been charged has I did not allow this payment to proceed! I did not give permission to subscribe so please cancel my subscription ASAP!

    2. Someone debuted form my account which is showing and I don’t have any idea who debits that .so,help me to get my refund or unsubscribe to that

  3. Hi i would like a refund as i’m not happy just finding out this, i am ringing my bank today, i am getting intouch with Trade & Standards today as you had no right to take £51.70p on the 27/7/2019, from my bank account, i have never herd of you before and you have now left my dissabled daughter with nothing as had to use her DLA money to put in my bank so i would not go over drawn, GOPLAYZ.COM, best give me a refund in the next 2 day as by Tuesday morning as Trade & Standards are then getting involved, and the fraud team and my bank which will also get there fraud team onto it as they was no subscription as i haven’t and dont do anything like this and would not also. So please resolve this soon as possible, i’m really,really disgusted at how you have the cheek to take my money of £51.70, when no i have never subscribed to this site, and never would also i have never herd or GOPLAYZ.COM, and my credit is fine so WHY? I really eagerly await you 247 relpy. Thank you MR W P MCCURRY.

  4. Please cancel my subscriptions to 247mediaz and refund the charges made in November and December 2019 – I have never used this service

  5. To who it may concern money has been withdrawn from my account, with out my permission, i have never signed it this site. :18667560507cy
    $77.53 pleas return and cancell other transactions.

  6. Please can you help me to refund my money I don’t know this company and I don’t allow them to take money from my account. They took money from my account on yesterday. They took $70.19 AUS from my account.

  7. I keep getting charges on my account and nothing has been working to stop the charges and I don’t have money so it keeps putting my account to the negative can someone help me? Cause I have a kid to support

  8. pls help me also been charged by mediaz247 . com is this a scammer or what else why this website are doing this to us charging un knowingly.. pls help me
    to get my refund back its 49 dollars .. maybe every month they gonna charge me i dont know pla stop this..

  9. there was a instagram giveaway that i signed myself in and then i a message that i won and i got so excited that i wasn’t realising what i was doing and there was a link that they told me to click on and i was like okay sure and filled it out and as soon as i clicked on the done button i found it kinda wired that i had to fill out my back account information and so i checked if it were a fake account and it was, and then i checked my account and they took 134 krónur and gave it back so i was like okey they must have been reported or something and just all the money webt back to everyone and then today like a week later i was cheating if i had enough cash to buy clothes from amazon and then they had taked 8.300 krónur from my bank account, i really hope you can help i want my money back.