Guide: Get a refund from

Guide: Get a refund from

Have you checked your bank account or received a notification that a withdrawal has been made from

Often customers of have no knowledge that they have been signed up for a subscription that automatically renews and takes money from your credit card. So what do you do now to get your money back? It can often be extremely difficult and frustrating trying to get the money back once has taken them from your account.

Things to consider before doing a chargeback with your bank

A natural reaction would be to go to your bank and ask to do a chargeback, but it might not be the best thing for you because:

  • Your bank might require that you provide documentation that you dont have
  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay
  • You will sometimes physically have to go to visit your local branch to sign paperwork to get the charges from revoked
  • There is no guarantee that your bank will follow through on the chargeback, leaving you without refund
  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future

We can help you get your money back

In many cases, we typically manage to get customers their money back from BonXmedia within 3-4 days. We know the process and have dealt with BonXmedia before. We, of course, cant work for free, we charge a fee of 5 EUR for us to process the case. However, we only charge that fee if you actually manage to get your money back!

To start the process of getting your money back, simply fill in the form below and we will get the process started!

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

162 Replies to “Guide: Get a refund from”

  1. To be honest I don’t remember even seeing that name before let alone clicking on a button that directed me there:(

  2. They offered me a system to watch movies completely free. For which I agreed and sent them my card number, on the page you promised not to use it. On 09 / April / 2018, they charged me $ 49.95 in the name of, that was not enough for them and on 04/11/2018 they reloaded me $ 49.95 this time in favor of gamezmelt. com. I demand that you return the money to me as soon as possible, otherwise I will put the necessary demands to the international authorities.

  3. All in New Zealand dollars

    19 Aug 70.38
    19 Sep 70.11
    19 Oct 73.06
    19 Nov 75.52
    21 Dec73.29
    21 Jan 70.46
    21 Feb 69.99
    Not sure of site. I think they also charged me as CTbill.techshop. I didn’t even finish entering my card details but obviously I put in enough for them to rip me off. I hope you can help as my bank won’t

    1. Откраднаха ми 57.евро от мойта карта препагата.Сайта е ..

  4. I filled some Form out in a pop up Google window and they just deducted the amount without me confirming anything regarding blank.. Please help..!

  5. bonxmedia has been ripping me off for months as I havent even checked my account until now and over drawn checked to find these scummy pricks taking my money. Hope you can help before going to my bank.

  6. I have been charged 150 euros the last three months from for no reason.I would be grateful if you could do something about it.

  7. I have been taken around 200 euros over the last 4 months and i dont even know how bonxmedia and music611 knows my payment card details

  8. I have been taken 200 euros over last 4 months from bonxmedia and music611. No clue how they know my credit card details. I want to get a refund


  10. I unknowingly signed up for Boxnmedia. Please try to get my refund back or at least cancel subscriptions. Thank you.

  11. I have never seen this name before, And I have never accept to pay for it. I want a refund And I want that this subscrption be eliminated.

  12. Me dijeron que el sitio era gratuito y después de las suscripción me llego un pequeño recargo de 1 dolar, pero luego me informan que tengo una transacción realizada por casi 50 dolares. agradezco su colaboración.

  13. i already cancelled this product, testiva testosteron after getting a free trial bottle offer. but still they’re taking some payments monthly on my bank account. please help me to stop this scam for me. thanks.

  14. Mial byc okres bezplatny do oglądania filmów, nr karty mial nie byc wykorzystany bez mojej zgody a okazalo się ze dzis, tj. z mojego konta 1-86661 Nicosia
    Kwota operacji
    185,55 PLN
    Kwota obciążenia
    49,95 USD
    Pobrali sobie pieniadze.!!!!
    Chce zwrotu pieniedzy i zatrzymania tego. Proszę

  15. Entre en una pagina que me ofrecía ser voluntario en una prueba de utilización de un teléfono, cuando advertí que al registrar los datos me pasaba a una pagina que no me parecía adecuada, pues me ofrecía algo que no me interesaba, retrocedí con las paginas y me salí del lugar, en la creencia de que, no se había procesado. Mi sorpresa al ver cargado en mi tarjeta 49.95 €. Tampoco encuentro en sitio donde darme de baja. He solicitado la devolución del cargo y no es posible si no hay denuncia ante las autoridades.

  16. I find out couple hours ago that took 65$ from my prepaid visa card. I don’t even know how the gat my card number. I’m sure that I never sign up, because I have 2 months old son and I don’t have a time for it.

  17. Hello, has stolen me for more than 1 years and half every months at the same date (the 7th of each month). I called my bank (UBS) to block my credit card and change the number. Also I wrote them a mail with my account statement (Visa card) to show them I ve been stolen from Bonxmedia. From what I read it’s not even a service it’s a malicious program which hack the credit card informations when you use your credit card to pay online. Please I ve lost more than 1000$ since more than one year and half. I f you are able to help me in order to be refunded it would be awesome! Thanks. From what I see I am not the only one and it concern many peoples who have victims from Bonxmedia.
    Also I can send my account statement to show and give you the proof of the scam.

  18. I was charged $49 for a subscription i have no knowledge of creating and would like a refund immediately. I canceled the subscription in my name today.

  19. I’ve tried to get BonXmedia to refund £45.83 (EUR 49.95) however they have refused. I wasn’t aware they had signed me up to any kind of trial, they are clear they won’t charge your card but now have. Can you help.

  20. Mi sono stAti addebitati sul mio conto posta pay euro 49.95 senza sapere cosa mi avrebbero dato credevo di aver comprato una crema e invece mi trovo un pagamento on Line della Bonxmedia vorrei i miei euro indietro se potreste aiutarmi

  21. I have been totally stolen from. I never agreed to $76 a month coming out of my account – nor did I receive any product! I want a full refund – 6 months worth!!

  22. I have been totally stolen from. I never agreed to $77 a month coming out of my account – nor did I receive any product! I want a full refund – 6 months worth!!

  23. This is not the first time you people have done this to me and I am sick and tired of it. You have taken the following:- Nicosia CY FCY AMOUNT 1.03 CCY CONV FEE 0.03 $1.46
    25/09/2018 VISA DEBIT PURCHASE http://WWW.SPRSLMMX. 800-276-0539 BE $4.95
    25/09/2018 YCHELPLINE.CO ONLINE CY FCY AMOUNT 40.11 CCY CONV FEE 0.17 $7.00
    25/09/2018 SPECLHXFSCNT. ONLINE CY FCY AMOUNT 40.79 CCY CONV FEE 0.17 $7.13
    02/10/2018 Nicosia CY FCY AMOUNT 49.95 CCY CONV FEE 1.74 $71.46
    Total $101.89
    You thieves don’t put it back and the banks do nothing. So much for their checking ever transaction. No overseas transactions can now be done on my card without my approval.

  24. Bonxmedia has been taking money come out of my account for about 9 months of around NZ$74. 45 . I don’t even know who they are. I would like my money back please.

  25. I did not do any purchases on that website. I just signed up, but it charged me 45$ today(about a week after the registration on the website). I do not know why. How can I cancel the purchase and get my money back?

  26. took 74 dollars without my permission refund me back and i will be unsubscribing however my bankcard too. shameless where ever you came from thats theft y arnt they under investigation

  27. credevo di avere vinto un telefono da poste italiane…e’ un imbroglio…non voglio avere a che fare con simili soggetti

  28. hi my name is kershaw mcdonald i had 68 dollars taken out of my account and have no clue why and what bonxmedia is, i would like my cash back so i can use it for my children.

  29. I had no idea that I was even signed up to this website (Bonxmedia) it is shame full that this organisation tricks people even making and enquiry.
    I have over $700 worth of payments to recover going back to September last year, payments taken from my account are: 26/9 $68,94, 27/10 $70.80, 28/11 $69.26, 28/12 $71.07, 30/1 $70.61, 27/2 $70.18, 27/3 $70.71, 27/4 $71.50, 28/5 $72.62, 27/6 $71.97. Need this money back as it has been taken under false pretense.
    Can you advsie next steps as to how this process works.

  30. I was recently relieved of money from my account. Bank contacted me about it didnt know i had signed up forit

  31. Bonxmedia and game…
    Cost me 150 nz dollars no recollection of sign up and no use whatever of any service.Scam! Will go to bank eventually.

  32. Hello, i want asking why your company take my money for my account 53£.When i don’t have any account or anything together with your company …. And i don’t understand where you was take my details card.

  33. I don’t know who BONXMEDIA are, or, but they have just started to debit my account. I would like them stopped please.

  34. I have cancelled my membership to BONXMEDIA so no further action need be taken onn your behalf. Thank you.

  35. BONXMEDIA. I have no knowledge of this website and their just taking money. I need that back. And I need to cancel my subscription thank you

  36. I lost 191.34 aed from my account for and 191.34aed for I dont know how i lost this money… Please help me to refund this amount and i want unsubscribe both these sites ASAP

  37. Thank you guys for not being fake n having a conversation with me this morning. I know i can change my bank credit pin numbers n details but i want to keep in touch with this network n keep each others company
    80% feedback out of 100%

  38. Why has taken money out of my account?? Who r they and how did they get my details and wot exactly have i paid for? Grrrrr

  39. hi this morning $72.75 aud got taken out of my account by these people and i have never signed up for anything of the sort the same thing happened last night but for a bodybuilding company and that company doesn’t even exist on google and they took $87 can you please help me it’s nearly christmas and now i only have $20

  40. i see where it was 0,99cents to sign up and now all of (JA $6,735.26) have been taken out of my account i would like a full refund and i wish that my account information be deleted from you site, I HAVE ALREADY INFORMED THE BANK OF THIS BREACH

  41. Hi I only just noticed that bonxmedia have been taking money out of my account for the last 4 months all up $301.68 I have never Subscribed To them or Heard of them before so I want to unsubscribe from them and get my money back if you can help me out that would be great thanks

  42. I don’t know how they took 49.99 sterling pound of my credit card! I have never seen the name before!

  43. Wir haben noch nie etwas von Bonxmedia gehört und jetzt eine Abbuchung von 57.95 EURO von der ADAC Kreditkarte erhalten. Bitte helfen Sie uns!

  44. I charged 150 NZ Dollars for just starting their subscription and that I even don’t know because they advertised that it would be free subscription for New Zealand and after I provided my details they changed those amount without informed me.

  45. I’m know I haven’t ever given my permission to automatically take money from my account and I want the $49.95 (excluding the 5 EURS that I’m paying for helping me with getting my refund )that they took on Tuesday May 26th back in my account Thank you very much for your help

  46. Please i lost more than 800$ from this site and i’ve already cancelled my card buy the site don’t stop withdrawing from me!! what should i do to cancel that?????

  47. I have been charged of bonxmedia site from middle of the March for 4 months and even did not notice that… I would like to get my money back

  48. Hello

    My credit card paid 23,901 (vietnam dong) on 06-July-2020. But I have not signed up for the service. Never used your service before. My credit card seems to have been hacked.
    Please cancel this payment. Last six number of my card is 230477.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

  49. I didn’t even subscribe to this site and never heard of these before or even been on a site with this name but $154 NZ has been taken from my bank account. I want the money back or further steps will be taken to international authorities.

  50. I never saw the website of yet got charged $400 hkd this month. Can somebody just help me with my refund. I am just a student and obviosuly this amount of money has already overwhelmed me a lot.

  51. You charged me money out of my account thinking we had won a prize this is a scam I demand my refund back $80.34 plus $78.19 and $2.66 back into my account this I have is fraud stop doing this to people give me my money back

  52. On the 28th april 79.54 dollaes was drawn out of my bank account also 80.34 dollars from same bank account which i got no idea what for so i am requesting a refund please

  53. You charged me $81.30 on 14th April2021 and then charged me again in May.
    Please repay the money now.

  54. I don’t know when or if I requested anything from these people. I had money charged to my cheque account yesterday and I need them to stop. Please help me. Thanks

  55. I don’t want the subscription of Bonxmedia. Com. Please refund my money as soon as possible.

  56. I don’t what happened, but please help me get my money back it’s for mu operation tomorrow

  57. Who are bonxmedia? I have never bought anything from them. Why are they stealing money from my account?