Guide: Get a refund from

Guide: Get a refund from

Have you discovered that money has been taken from your credit card from

Often customers of have no knowledge that they have been signed up for a subscription that automatically renews and takes money from your credit card. So that leaves the question: Is there a way to get your money back It can often be extremely difficult and frustrating trying to get the money back once has taken them from your account.

A chargeback with your bank might be a bad idea

One way to deal with such a situation is to do a chargeback, but it can have some very serious consequences that the bank typically will not tell you:

  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it
  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay

In many cases, we can get your money back within 3-4 days

We have helped consumers get their money back from in the past. We might have a direct contact that will help process the refund of your money. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

To start the process of getting your money back, simply fill in the form below and we will get the process started!

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

207 Replies to “Guide: Get a refund from”

  1. I remember attempting to sign up for “MicMusik” however it stated it was a completely free app for streaming movies (no charges will ever be made to your card… was stated a small amount of lesz than $1 would appear only this one time and claimed the credit card information was only a way for them to verify that members were legally over 18yrs)… but no monthly fees ect ect… I was never even able to sign in to it….. kept saying “incorrect password” and Then the 3 or 4 times that I attempted to reset the passeord via e-mail (all in the same day) it would then say “there is no acct associated with that email”…… Pls let me know whether or not you are able to help me get my money back…. I’m a single mom of 3 children – 2 with disability so the money they took us actually needed to pay school costs and also get season appropriate clothing…. I’m sure you can you understand my frustration!

  2. I already unsubscribe to this two months ago but why still taken money out of my account without my permission

    1. I didn’t recall subscribing to micmusic at all but i just got a 49 usd charge.. i didn’t even try to open the website

  3. I was charged 42,40 on 18 may ive never signed up for this site I was just lookin cause it said it was free

  4. I looked at the app but never!!! Signed up for anything!!!
    I want my money back!!!
    3 payments have come out of my account, 23/5 $66.72, 22/4 $65.27, 22/3 $65.07.
    Please get this reimbursed asap.
    I would really appreciate it.

    1. Je n’ai pas souscris un abonnement sur le site un prélèvement de 75€ a été effectué le 8 mai 2020 je voudrais que vous stoppiez cet abonnement merci

  5. I was charged $67.60 it came out of my account today would like it back. I was looking at the app and said free trial

  6. I want my money back ASAP! I don’t give a fuck what happens I just don’t want to get ripped off!

  7. I have just been charged 45.20 for micmusic it came out of my account today and i want my money back they say it is a free site but obviously it isn’t

  8. I have just found out I have over 12 months of payments of around $60-70 taken out of my account. I have no knowledge of having initiated this.

  9. So we leave a comment here and what happens next? Do we get our money back or is this just a ploy to get our e-mail addresses?? I’d like my money back please

  10. I was looking at this site because I Facebook add brought me to it for free tickets to Canada’s Wonderland. So I entered my information to try and get free tickets for my family & just looked at my bank account today it took $67.90 out of my account without my permission. Please help me get my money back..

    1. I have had $75 taken out of my account illegally !!!
      I can’t afford this as I am on an Invalids benefit, and this unknown transaction has left me with NO money !!!!
      I want an immediate refund before I take this any further.
      I am really angry that you have done this !!!!

  11. I have had $75 taken out of my account illegally !!!
    I can’t afford this as I am on an Invalids benefit, and this unknown transaction has left me with NO money !!!!
    I want an immediate refund before I take this any further.
    I am really angry that you have done this !!!!

  12. Had no ide I was signing up for anything. Just found out that they charged me for like 8 month. So please delete my account and if possible get my money back.

  13. I have noticed over $70 has been taken from my account without me knowing or signing up. How can I get a refund without having to install another app?

  14. Hi
    Every time there goes money off my acount for no reason?if someone may assist me please in how I wil get my refund please?

  15. Hi micmusik has taken $68.00 au
    From my account without any consent.
    I am so disappointed in myself to sign in something which has been a scam!!!
    Please unsubscribe me from the site and a refund would be much appreciated.




  16. Recuerdo haber intentado inscribirme en “MicMusik”, pero decía que era una aplicación completamente gratuita para transmitir películas (no se cobrarán cargos en su tarjeta … se dijo que una pequeña cantidad de menos de $ 1 aparecería solo esta tiempo y reclamó que la información de la tarjeta de crédito era solo una forma de verificar que los miembros tuvieran legalmente más de 18 años) … pero no se registraron cargos mensuales … Favor entreguenme una respuesta decente y formal para la recuperacion de mi dinero.

  17. Good evening,

    I have a problem. You took my money out of the account at 49.95 from and I want them back and cancel membership.

    I will be grateful to you.

    Thank you in advance for your answer,

  18. Micmusik has charged me US $ 1.03 though I opted only for a free book download site. This is violation of consumer rights and I request you to reimburse the charged amount to the HNB Bank in Sri Lanka from its credit card that I had paid. As I have opted out and cancelled the subscription today itself of the music or what ever bogus site I was dragged into, I deserve to be paid as you had tricked me in getting money from my credit card without my consent. It did not indicate any notion that I will be charged this way. So pl. see about this and reimburse it.
    Sunil Atugoda
    Sri Lanka

  19. Hi my name is sandramaree hughes and took $80 out of my bank, i would like that $80 to go into my acc ASAP plz as its my grocery money

  20. All I know is y’all better gimme my coins back like wtf I didn’t agree to pay for whatever TF this bullshit is.this is clearly a illegal transaction.yall oerdrafted my account I work too hard for my money I know that much and I mean that ish

  21. Salve mi chiamo Alberto Artoni ho appena inviato un commento (ore 18,05 ora italiana) ma non lo ho copiato prima di inviarlo per cui ora non ho niente che testimoni cosa ho inviato nel commento, qualcuno potrebbe rimandarlo alla mia mail ???

  22. Hi, I am Analiza Belarmino, I just found out that I’ve been deducted $76.58 from my account ****3748. Whatever reason Is that I want my money back. I want my money back. Please response to me as soon as possible.

  23. unauthorised payment of 49.95 (euros) taken from my account on 2/11/2018.
    Please obtain a refund if at all possible.

  24. I have been charged for something I did not purchase.
    I have now cancelled the card and hope that will prevent further fraudulent transactions and that I will be able to recover the money didactic from my account

  25. Micmusik has taken money out of my account
    26 Nov $71-34
    26 Oct $73-31
    Could you help .
    I don’t use and can’t stop it

  26. I did not sign up for anything but have been charged 49.95 on 10/21 and 11/21. I need my money back ASAP.

  27. I got charged from and ! Please help me!
    The charges from micmusik were 49,95 EURO twice (10th december and 10th january 2019), and from owlplayz also 49,95 EURO twice (8th December and 8th January ) + 1,03 EURO.
    I would really appreciate your help since I did not even now I was subscribed.

  28. I notice you have been taking money out of my account, this is a mistake. You need to refund this money immediately!! $75.00. I don’t want to be a part of this, please cancel.

  29. sono stato truffato da scoprendo 2 importi da 49.95 euro ognuno … attendo pazientemente riscontro

  30. Micmusik a effectué un prélèvement de 49,95 euros le 21/01/19 sur mon compte alors que je n’ai rien demandé
    Pas d’abonnement de ma part !

  31. fcukas said uz were free on sign up?! wtf this bullshit nearing $75.00 taken from my account huh??? bitches ima single mum with 3 babies best be giving that shit back!!!!

  32. Micmusik a prélevé sur ma carte de crédit MasterCard sans mon consentement depuis que j’ai en connaissance il y a 2 mois et se renouvelles à chaque fois.Je ne sais pas comment me faire rembourser ni comment annuler un abonnement pour ne plus que cela se répète.

  33. On 17-01-2019 22:36 MICMUSIK.COM (18887940963, CY) charged me € 49.95 without my permission. They let me believe that they charged € 1,03.
    Reservation Date: 19-01-2019 04:38, Status: processed.
    They try to say that all fees are non-refundable

  34. I unsubscribed and it said it was free but £43.80 ( 49.95 euros) was taken from my account on 19/02/2019 I haven’t even used the website !

  35. My daughter used my card to sign up for your service can you please return the money to my account as soon as possible and cancel subcription

  36. Don’t know what this actually is but I have noticed money out my bank from this whether one of my kids have done this without my knowledge I don’t know but I don’t want any other money being taken, I’m a single mother and can not afford this so didn’t know if there’s something i can do to get the money back and to prevent any more money being taken thanks

  37. I am being charged 50 usd on my card every month and I want to get my money back. I have never used this services.

  38. After refund and cancellation of subscription from I tried this thinking it was free, wasn’t aware of the charges until now. Have gone thru bank records and found the following charges to micmusik as follows :-
    28/5/18 – $68.24 AU
    27/6/18 – $69.79 AU
    27/7/18 – $69.93 AU
    27/8/18 – $71.10 AU
    27/9/18 – $71.01 AU
    28/10/18 – $72.92 AU
    28/11/18 – $71.29 AU
    28/12/18 – $73.18 AU
    28/1/19 – $72.73 AU
    28/2/19 – $72.29 AU
    28/3/19 – $72.83 AU
    Total amount I have been charged over last 11 months is $785.31. If u can help me out with refunding any/all of this money and putting a stop to this website charging my account ever again I will gladly pay u more then $5

  39. I have just noticed a small charge from MICMUSIK on my credit card. I have no idea what it is or what it’s for. I’m not about to be nickeled and dimed to death by this company, and may just cancel my card and apply for a new one if I cannot get this straightened out.

  40. Me han cobrado de mi cuenta casi 60 euros.Ahora voy a la Policia a poner denuncia.Despues al banco a que me devuelvan mi dinero.

  41. Me ha cobrado Micmusik casi 60 euros sin dar ningun numero de cuenta.Voy a poner denuncia en Policia.

  42. I signed up to which advertised free movies and when they asked for card details to verify that we were from Australia, I should have caught onto it. But I didn’t and they took $1.49 straightaway. Then, they took $72.78 and $1.49 in separate transactions today (21.5). Please help me get my money back and also cancel my subscription.

  43. I didn’t make any payment for this entertainment but why it taken my money out of my account. the amount is $72.37 – 27 May

  44. Never checked out the site and have no idea where they got my details from but they have somehow taken out £50.87 from my bank account. I desperately need this money back as I don’t really earn a lot as it is. Please please help me

  45. Hello. Can I get my money back? I really not understand, what was happened. But you took money from my account. That no nice. For me that money is big money, because am single mum with three months old baby. Every pound for is very important. I just get shock, that I lost money from account. I very hope so I will get my money back. Thank you

  46. I still waiting my money back. I can’t understand how and why money had taken from my account. I need that money back. Can you please send me back that money

  47. I had no idea I was signing up for anything at all, then this morning I discovered that £50 has been taken from my bank account. Can you get me a refund?

  48. I would like my money back because I have no idea how this has happened when I haven’t even visited your site

  49. I can’t remember I did sign up for anything like that my money was taken 4 times €57:95 ,this is not fair ,I need my money back

  50. Please cancel my subscription to this site and refund the original transaction I see has been taken from my account without my consent I did not subscribe to this site
    The amount is nz$1.63
    I do not want any monthly subscriptions auto payments from my account

  51. Hi someone from micmusik has been taking $76.00 out of my bankaccount for over a year and I want it to stop. Please CANCEL this service I have never used this service and I want all my money back.

  52. Hi my name is Tammy Reha and this company has taken $83.68 from my bank account as my debt card has been used to pay online and has been cancelled. I have got the police involved as this is fraud on my account and i will like my children’s food money back not cool at all thanks

  53. I have had $75.90 taken from my account and gave not subscibed to this site i would luke a refund asap thankyou

  54. I’m one of the victims to a credit card fraud. Someone uses my credit card for the subscription to, which I never heard about this site. How can I have my money back on this situation?

  55. What a sleazy and cunning RIP OFF system this have created solely on ripping off innocent people, making money from the pockets of already struggling families with NO SHAME whatsoever.
    I let my grand daughter sign up for the FREE MOVIES as the site said it was FREE and have no idea why they have withdrawn $82.19 from my account. WTF!!! I did not agree to this transaction, its FOOD of our table for fuck sakes, i have read many other replies and so many people have been conned by the word FREE, that’s thousands of dollars in this companies pockets for that word FREE!!! Sites like this should be personally NAMED SHAMED and BANNED.
    I feel embarrassed and have been taught a valuable lesson. Cancel your credit cards now people these predators wont stop taking, Dishonesty is there only form of income.

  56. I don’t want this service nor did i want any service i have to pau for… I’m a single mother of 2 young children so the money that has been deducted feom my account is much needed money.

  57. ik wil me uitschijven .maarweet niet hoe het werkt , wist niet datik was ingescheven betaal elke maand49.95 euro voorniets wat ik niet gebruik . wil ook mijn geld terug .

  58. I don’t even know, how I got in touch with MicMusic… they just took my money… how shell I avoid not to be charged again? How I can cancel all my dates from their basis? I even don’t know how I got there… Thanks

  59. Mil music has taken £49.44 from my account please help me get it back
    I think I may still have pictures from the website of it saying it won’t charge me

  60. i was just charged $70 from my account and have no idea
    why i’ve never used the app “micmusik” or whatever it is and i’m supporting myself so that’s an awful lot of money to get ripped out of my account for no reason that i’m aware of

  61. Hi. I have had some money taken out of my account I haven’t brought anything from you guys. Someone else is using it.
    Can you please contact me
    Regards Vicki Rowlands

  62. Pretty clueless with internet but seem to have acquired a new bill of $71this is twice w happened I’m single mum with a granddaughter also in my care I need every cent for them not this shit.

  63. I was asked to do a 30 sec survey for asda on the 16th dec they said I had won an I phone and needed a £1 for postage I have just been looking at my asda account to find that micmusik .co has stolen three payments on the 16th dec £1 on the 20th dec £39.00 and on the 21st dec £51.05 I went on there site and have canceled can you try for a refund many thanks regards Andrew Baird

  64. I started there a free account, but they changed me 5 times a 57,95€. (together 289,75€)
    After the registration it wasn’t even possible to get access to the account. Also not after several times to reset the password via email. It only said the password is wrong or there is no account to the username.

    Please I would be very grateful if you can help me with an refund.

  65. I had no idea I would be paying micmusik any sort of money and they’ve charged me £49.35! I need help reclaiming this, I’m currently with Virgin Money. Please help!

  66. micmusic took money from my account without my consent

    10 feb 2020 To 18887 05
    Details************ 6900 USD 49.95

    30 dec 2019 18887 26
    Details************ 6900 USD 49.95

  67. Hello

    My creditcard got charged by manipulation and totally not related subject by 18887940963CYP – and 18885084188 CY, I got phone message saying: your package awaiting your confirmation to be delivered ( I get regularly packages) I confirmed and needed to pay for the Costume Clearance Charges, so I payed the €1.03 afterwards again and again and now €57.95, this is misleading to pay for something it doesn’t exists and totally not related! Now what???

  68. This website is a sham. it aid it would notify me before the free trial ended so i could cancel my account except it didn’t and took 67.92 out the day after i signed up for the free trial

  69. I have no idea how I got subscribed to micmusic… I haven’t even heard the name. It’s more than annoying. I see a page which tells, how to cancel subscription. Shall I do that procedure at the same time?

  70. Havn’t noticed charges being made for the past 3 months. The charges are getting to be around 70$

  71. I need to unsubscribe and get a refund that was taken out of my bank account please provide a number so i can talk to someone asap.

  72. They’ve taken 62 $ from my card and I did not push any subscribe button!!! Please help me get the money back

  73. witam mam z tym problem jakiś czas temu musiałem coś zrobić i pobierane mam mieniądze z konta pierwsza kwota to 0,79£ zaś druga kwota z dziś to prawie 45£. jak zablokować tą strone i najlepiej byłoby odzyskać pieniądze

  74. Bought the same program from Micmusik for 1USD.
    They charged another $ 49.95 illegally.
    Another account of playspotz also appeared at $ 49.95 illegally.

    Please if it is possible to make a refund.
    Best regards.

  75. Hi just wondering if I can get refund back from this service i have been unsubscribe from this service for long time and you guys are still taking money out…please refund my money for the past 3 months thanks.

  76. Nagyon fontos lenne, hogy megszabadulás ettől, az újabb tehertől. Segítségüket, előre is köszönöm.

  77. Hi, I saw in my bank statement that they took $49.95 from my account after i canceled my membership. Any help in getting my money back would be greatly appreciated.

  78. I got charged but never heard of micmusik nor needed it. Looked for their e-mail to contact them but couldn’t find it. Please help me to get my refund

  79. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! $73.35 was taken out of my account without me knowing. I was redirected to micmusik from another page I never wanted to sign up to this

  80. I do not have an account with your company. I checked with the app and it said I do not have an account. I might have a few years ago but not now. I want my money back.

  81. I didn’t sign up for this an I want my money back it just charged me 49.95 for what I don’t care give me my money back

  82. I have been charged twice now from MICMUSIK.COM and I need that money back I am a single mom of a 3 yr old and I don’t have money to be getting stolen out of my account. Thank you

  83. Just found out that money has been coming out of our bank account without either of us signing up for anything.Just rang our bank and it has been coming out for some time.Our card has now been stopped but the no was 5246510062756615. With number on back of card 620.please will you please give us a payback as the bank has told us to get in touch with you

  84. I just don’t get it,just took money out of my account without knowing never hear of this stupid thing,this is so stupid ,I want my money back.