Justfab is a SCAM and they lie about cancelation!

Justfab is a SCAM and they lie about cancelation!

I was a member of JustFab for over a year it wasn’t until February of 2019 that I realized they have been charging me 39 95 every month whether I bought shoes or not.

They told me that it clearly states on their app that I have to skip a month so they don’t charge me but it does not clearly state that on their app! In fact they have a 1.8 million dollar class action lawsuit against them for this exact reason.

I am a full time working mother and I cant afford to have someone take 40$ from me every every month! I cancelled in February but today (May of 2019 four months after cancelling) I noticed that they were still charging me every month. I asked them qhy and they said I had opened an account in February….Why would I do that in the same month as cancelling it!?

I was livid in February and now after finding out that they were still charging me I am fuming! I added my name to their class action lawsuit and I suggest you do the same.

They wont refund your money. They will however give you a ten dollar credit….what’s the point of that if I cancelled!? They owe me 158.90 now! DONT SIGN UP FOR JUSTFAB!!!!! There is nothing Fab about them.

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