Kungmedia.com/ Newmediaz.com has been taking my money

Kungmedia.com/ Newmediaz.com has been taking my money

I signed up to get free e-books. By the way, I did not find anything interesting for me, so I did not download anything, at all. The information they had provided was about creating a free account and the reason why they had asked for details about my credit card was just to verify my account.

They had claimed that they would not charge any money. It was true only for that moment. I got the email right away with information about my 0 EURO charge, so I did not pay much attention about it. I thought it was OK. Like they had said. But 1 month later I checked my bank account and I could see that kungmedia.com/ newmediaz.com had charged for my membership.

By the way, I have never downloaded anything from their site. I do not use their service. And I have not received any other emails about charging except the first email with 0 EURO charge. They do not let people know. They just charge.

Since then, the end of September, I have been charged 4 times, every time 57,95 EURO. It means they charge twice a month, at the beginning and at the end of a month.

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Please help us: If you have information to who or what company (might be showing on your creditcard statement) are behind this service, plase let us know in the comments.

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