Question regarding tax refund

Question regarding tax refund

Question: I called the tax refund line, because mine been saying “still processing” since 1/22 when it was accepted… It states that it’s still processing & a refund date will be available once completed. WTH does that mean. 🤬Normally I wouldn’t question it because I had that same message last year but only for 21 days if that, but due to the date I filed & when it was accepted I’m questioning it & highly annoyed. #ThisIsBullShit Now I remember a few years back when they (irs) found an issue with my taxes, they listed it online & refund line. I’m so annoyed because I always file early & I have had the same dependent for 15 years now, nothing change on my taxes except my wages. Like seriously, I won’t trip and I’ll just wait but I’m closing on a house now I have to borrow the money. I hate borrowing from anyone. 😩

Sherry Wright: Dont yall get tired of asking the same questions over and over if it says its still processing then its still processing just like everybody elses smh

Erica Nicole: It’s not answering the same question over & over! My accepted date was 1/22 it makes zero sense to still be in the still processing phase. If you feel some type of my way about my question keep scrolling. 💁🏽‍♀️No need to comment.

Sherry Wright: Ijs scrolling thru this group ppl have been ASKING the same question over and over im sure if the irs wont give you a straight answer nobody in this group can but carry on sweetheart cuz either way ya shit is still processing

Sherry Wright: And its fb ppl can add their 2 cents if you dont like that then dont post

Erica Nicole: I disagree…. people in this group have given more info than the IRS. Maybe the question was answered but do you understand know how many people post!!? Maybe I didn’t see it, you came on my shit with some bullshit and I commented! #Igottimetoday so i…See more

Sherry Wright: Ppl can disagree and not argue sweetheart at the end of the day you asked a dumb ass question if you called and it says still processing then guess what its still processing what you expect someone to come and say oh no if it says processing that means the money is gonna fall out the sky if you got time you shoyldve had time to think that dumb shit out but hey what do i know

Erica Nicole: Girl bye!!! 😂😂 Again if you think it’s dumb why comment? I’m not going to go back and forth with you!

Erica Nicole: Have a great day, sis! 😘

Sherry Wright: But you are tho

Sherry Wright: And i always do

Starlea Butler: Truthfully pretty much all of us are lost. The IRS is lying to everyone so any information you get is probably going to be inaccurate anyway. Everyone’s situation is different. You pretty much have to wait and see.

Sherry Wright: Or pass time by posting the same question as everybody else in the group apparently

Erica Nicole: Starlea Butler I agree! I didn’t know about the verification of identity. That’s why I called the refund hotline. This bs process is new to everyone! Unfortunately, I’m going to have to talk to a live person to get answers or listen to their lies. Either way I’m so over this tax year. 😩

Willean Yvonne: Nothing wrong with calling to be sure everything is ok

Erica Nicole: I agree, I am. 😌

MissDiva Nelly: I had that same message and I filed 1/23 come to find out after calling them I had to verify my identity which I needed a letter to call and verify they never sent a letter till I called. I just got my letter last Saturday and verified Monday

Erica Nicole: Ok, I’m definitely going to call them. It’s just I had that message every year and got my refund in a timely manner. So I figured they will get to me. I’ll definitely call. Thank you.

MissDiva Nelly: You’re welcome

Erica Nicole: MissDiva Nelly what is the number to get to a live agent?

Glenn Holt:


KD MadeBack: What do the hell yall get out of arguing damn yall act like my lil sisters 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

KD MadeBack: Erica Nicole Rodger dat 10 4 💂🏾‍♀️we driving or flying lol

Erica Nicole: KD we flying… lol I’m in Cali

Sherry Wright:


Erica Nicole:


Sherry Wright: Search button will take you far Erica Nicole

Sherry Wright:


KD MadeBack: Erica Nicole damn if we run how we gonna lose them ijs

Erica Nicole: Sherry so will keep scrolling.

Erica Nicole: KD I got bad knees can’t run! Lol 🤣😂😂😂

KD MadeBack:


Erica Nicole:


KD MadeBack: Erica Nicole don’t worry I got you a wheel chair

Sherry Wright: But ya shit still processing tho 😂😂😂😂

Sherry Wright:


Erica Nicole: You still on my post tho! 🤣😂 You made your point, it’s crystal clear. I GET IT… dumb question now carry on! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Erica Nicole:


Erica Nicole: KD- Ok, then I’m ready! Lol

Glenn Holt:


Sherry Wright: Erica Nicole i actually brought some attention to ya dumb ass post you welcome babes

KD MadeBack: Sherry Bracewell just leave her be the ones u should be mad at faking they saying they have a ddd and practing 😂🤷🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️

Erica Nicole: I think it’s “You’re welcome”.😘

Sherry Wright: Erica Nicole should we scroll up and correct all your grammatical errors

Sherry Wright: KD MadeBack im not mad at all just having fun on facebook

Erica Nicole:


KD MadeBack: Erica Nicole bet 💯💪🏾

Sherry Wright: Erica Nicole ok tf do this mean

Erica Nicole: Lol thanks!!! Good looking out. 👊🏾 you took time to screenshot and all!

Erica Nicole: Clearly. It was my auto text. Lol 🤣 I’ll take it

Sherry Wright: Erica Nicole naw you not getting off that easy 😂😂😂

KD MadeBack: Sherry Bracewell you got 33% go charge yo phone and go eat some breakfast or some

Erica Nicole: Sherry we are just alike. We are going to be BFF after this! Let me know when you are in Arizona or California. I’ll take you out. Lol

KD MadeBack: damn it took Jesus to lay his hand on somebody bout time 😂

Sherry Wright: KD MadeBack if you looking that hard you would see it is charging

Sherry Wright: Erica Nicole aint nothing wrong wit that … I mean there isn’t anything wrong with that 😂😂😂

Erica Nicole: KD- I have 9% 😩

KD MadeBack: Sherry Bracewell well ik that it’s not good to use your phone while it’s charging

KD MadeBack: Erica Nicole lol wth u been doing don’t worry I went from 100 this morning to 4% fwy 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

Erica Nicole: KD Im currently in Japan and my battery life don’t last long. 😒

KD MadeBack: Erica Nicole wth you doing out there

Sherry Wright: KD MadeBack welp sue me 😒😂😂

KD MadeBack: Sherry Bracewell can’t afford it right now

Erica Nicole: KD for Work. I work for the airlines. So I travel 85% of the time. That why I filed my taxes early and that’s why I did see the post related to my post! Everything is delayed. 😒

KD MadeBack: Erica Nicole I need to get on with you then and hell yea they short handed fr

Sherry Wright: KD MadeBack its coming just wait on it by this time next year

Sherry Wright: Erica Nicole airlines huh hey bestfren 😂😂😂😂

Erica Nicole: Sherry I can’t stand you. Lol 🤣😂😂

KD MadeBack: Sherry Bracewell she so fake Erica Nicole don’t do it 😂😒

Sherry Wright: Erica Nicole ijs i take back EVERYTHING i said KD MadeBack mind ya business lol

KD MadeBack: Sherry Bracewell that’s my best friend that’s my best friend you better you better !!!

Sherry Wright:


John Ownby: What’s the number

Erica Nicole: 800 829 1954‬

John Ownby: I filed Jan/23 and it says we have received your tax return. It is being reviewed. Sent my shit in over a month ago and they told me they already got it but there still reviewing it. Wtf

Latoria Heard Ellis: Beth McCoy wyd 😂

Beth McCoy: Waiting like the rest of us

Latoria Heard Ellis: Ikr! This mess is absurd

John Ownby: I filed Jan/23 and it says we have received your tax return. It is being reviewed. Sent my shit in over a month ago and they told me they already got it but there still reviewing it. Wtf

Beth McCoy:


KD MadeBack: You suppose to be helping the problem not sitting and watching aint u the Monitor 😂💁🏾‍♂️

Beth McCoy: Told y’all I retired🤷‍♀️

KD MadeBack: Beth McCoy I ain’t see that

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