Tax refund question: My 60 day review was up yesterday. Called today and they said it’ll be another 60 days!!! Is anyone else going through this and does it really take another 60 days?!

Tax refund question: My 60 day review was up yesterday. Called today and they said it’ll be another 60 days!!! Is anyone else going through this and does it really take another 60 days?!

Stacie Alane: That’s is why is happening to everyone. Some people are getting a release within a few more weeks though. Did you make sure there wasn’t any problems? My review was up 4/26. I didn’t call because of the “extra” days so I went through my senators office. Found out I had to amend.

Lyna Monroe: I was told that today but she said it Don’t always take that long she also put my referral in to release funds, her contact num & to wait two weeks basically.

Stacie Alane: Fingers crossed. I went ahead and amended. And she said the irs told her 3-4 weeks.

Stacie Alane: Fingers crossed. I went ahead and amended. And she said the irs told her 3-4 weeks.

Lyna Monroe: Ok yes fingers crossed hope to see something soon.

Jessica Anderson: My 60 days was up on 4/25 …I called IRS tht day day and lady kept me on phone til she sent my referral she told me it could take up to 60 days but it may not take tht lng she also said tht is what they have to tell us but i received my money 5/9

Lyna Monroe: Ok so about two weeks is how long you waited after review was done. Hopefully it’s the same for me I was told that today to wait two weeks even tho they tell you 60 more days.

Jessica Anderson: Yes

Jessica Anderson: My friend 60 days was up on 4/27 she did same thing and she got her money on 5/14

Lyna Monroe: Oh ok I should be next🙌🏽

Jessica Anderson: Lyna Monroe right 🙂 its coming

Jaminkaissuchalady Davis: My 60 days was up on April 26 I called and they did say it could possibly take 60 days but I got an advocate. alot of people say wait it out but I filed 01/29 so I waited long enough. The advocate did advise me to amend but I told him I didn’t want to go that route I updated this past Saturday

Stacie Alane: We’re your wages off by more than 1000?

Jaminkaissuchalady Davis: No

Stacie Alane: Mine were. I didn’t want to amend but I guess if it was over 1000 they made you. It’s crazy who accidently inputting two numbers can screw something up!!!

Jaminkaissuchalady Davis: Yes mines was under but yes can delay ur shut shit for months

Christopher Garner: Sounds like you have a error in your tax return. “ERS” It could take all year. Call the irs if it has been 4 to 5 months to get the ball rolling or get an advocate.

Geanna Kaleo Estes Villeros: When I called today the person I spoke to said that they haven’t even started looking at my file while it’s been in “processing”. So she had to send a referral! This is so annoying!! I filed my taxes the same way I did last year and this year there’s a problem? Unfortunately it’s another 60 days for me too 😞

Brittney Barnhart: They told me the samething

Geanna Kaleo Estes Villeros: Brittney Barnhart girl I got so much I have to pay and I’m relying on this money. It’s so annoying 😞

Brittney Barnhart: Geanna Kaleo Estes Villeros oh i know i needed it to get my car fixed go ro my sisters wedding in Georgia in June. I am tryin not to give my hopes up. I dont want to miss it

Geanna Kaleo Estes Villeros: Yea I just keep praying 🙏🏼 I filed my taxes back in February! I hope everything works out for you! ❤

Brittney Barnhart: They got rude with yesterday when i called to see if there was an updated they wouldnt tell me anything. The reason they wouldnt tell me anything us cuz im only 15 days into the referral.

Brittney Barnhart: I filed mine 1/31

Brittney Barnhart: This is my transcript i ordered on the 7th and got this past Saturday. From what people have told its in review pretty much has just been sitting there since 3/5.

Brittney Barnhart: Im 15 days into my 2nd 60 days and still nothing

Lyna Monroe: Wow

Brittney Barnhart: Lyna Monroe i know

Lyna Monroe: My review was up couple days ago I called today they told me my referral to release funds was put in today and wait two weeks

Brittney Barnhart: Been told its pretty much been just sitting in processing since 3/5

Lyna Monroe: Brittney Barnhart see I’m calling again in two weeks if I don’t hear or see nothing

Brittney Barnhart: Yea i know. I was justHoping it would come into for my sisters wedding. I have to fix a few things on my car to get there safe with my kids

Brittney Barnhart: Im going to call again

Lyna Monroe: I feel you I’ve been waiting since 2/12

Brittney Barnhart: Just got the phone with them now they are saying call back june 30th instead of july 2nd

Brittney Barnhart: Shaved off a few days

Lyna Monroe: That’s still long did you call the taxpayer advocate service num?

Brittney Barnhart: Yes they wont help

Lyna Monroe: Smh

Brittney Barnhart: Lyna Monroe she told me to sit and wait

Lyna Monroe: Same thing I heard over and over it’s ridiculous.

Brittney Barnhart: Lyna Monroe yes it is they wont say or do anything til after that date

Porsha Washington: Same here! So frustrating!

Stacie Alane: I reached out to our liaison and this is the response I received. First of all, the IRS “should” update her address as it appears on the 1040X. I can go ahead and update the address just to ensure it gets updated. Also, if she requested direct deposit on her original return, it may go direct deposit, but there is no guarantee. As for the website, tell her to stop looking at it, once the originally return doesn’t process correctly, the website is not normally updated. Since TAS is involved, the most definitely will not update it, because the IRS typically doesn’t not know what we are doing behind the scenes.Please tell S***** I have this under control and I apologize for the length of time this is taking, this filing seasons has been horrendous and the IRS units are doing their best to get all the return processed. A typical 1040X processing time is 12-16 weeks without TAS involvement.Hopefully this answers your questions and will put your mind at ease. I am confident they are doing everything they can do assist you in this matter.Gail RobbinsStaff AssistantU.S. Senator Mike Crapo410 Memorial DriveIdaho Falls, Idaho 83402(208) 522-9779(208) 529-8367 (fax)

Stacie Alane: My response from Senate office. Which includes forwarded response from TA.

Shani Bon: I filed 1/31 my additional 60 day review was up 4/15 I called today they said they would put a referral in for them to release my funds but it could take up to 60 days but hopefully I don’t have to wait that long 🤞🏽

Brittney Barnhart: Wishing you the best of luck im 15 days into the 60 referral. Nothing has updated.

Shani Bon: Brittney Barnhart ok it will lol they said it don’t take the whole 60 days but how long have you been waiting

Brittney Barnhart: Since 1/31

Shani Bon: Everybody case is different someone did they referral may 8 and there’s updated on wmr may 11 and have a date for may 19

Brittney Barnhart: If i dont get my refund or a letter sayin i need more stuff they wont answer my questions til jube 30th

Brittney Barnhart: Yes i know. Im wishing you mpre luck then what i have

Shani Bon: Brittney Barnhart wow why you say that ? Is that what they told you

Shani Bon: Did they tell you they was putting a referral In to request funds

Brittney Barnhart: Rhis is tge transcript i got Saturday. A few people have looked at it my money just has been sitting in processing since 3/5

Shani Bon: What did they exactly tell you ??

Brittney Barnhart: Yes a referral for the funds or a letter stating i need more information or saying im not gerting it. But the one that looked at my class said i dont need anything extra i just have to sit and wait

Shani Bon: Brittney Barnhart ok because yours have a different code 150 you need to look into it see what that means mines have a code but it’s 152 which is regular code nothing on my end was needed or is needed

Brittney Barnhart: They told me to wait til 6/30. Cuz they put in a referral to relase my funds. Not to call back before the 60 days is up. So if i havent got it before the 60 days is when i have to call

Shani Bon: 152 is regular review

Shani Bon: Brittney Barnhart ohokay that might be true but hopefully you get it do you think it’s something they will need from you

Shani Bon: they told me they will call me or just release my funds

Brittney Barnhart: No i looked up all the codes none of them are stopping it. Its just in review and being over looked

Shani Bon: Your transcript tell you what they holding

Shani Bon: Look at 806

Shani Bon: It’s telling you what they holding that whole amount

Brittney Barnhart: i just know this is all crazy. So many people are hurting for there money.

Shani Bon: Yessss I pray they release them

Mary Edwards Mays: They told me that too but got a date the next day

Sylvia Lynch Williams: Me

Qiana Woodard: Yep the day my review was up they put me under audit

Please help us: If you have information to who or what company (might be showing on your creditcard statement) are behind this service, plase let us know in the comments.

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