User story: took my money

User story: took my money

I had no idea that I was even signed up to this website (Bonxmedia) it is shame full that this organisation tricks people even making and enquiry.

I have over $700 worth of payments to recover going back to September last year, payments taken from my account are: 26/9 $68,94, 27/10 $70.80, 28/11 $69.26, 28/12 $71.07, 30/1 $70.61, 27/2 $70.18, 27/3 $70.71, 27/4 $71.50, 28/5 $72.62, 27/6 $71.97.

Need this money back as it has been taken under false pretense.

Can you advsie next steps as to how this process works.


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