User story: took my money ($73.99)

User story: took my money ($73.99)

Looked at my bank transactions only to find that had taken $73.99 out of my account. I have never heard of this website let alone signed up with them and have no idea where it even come from or what it does.

I never recieved any emails to do any verifications on this account and I have no idea how they got my bank details to be do any withdrawals.

The only thing that bought it to my attention was checking my bank statement because I went grocery shopping and went to use my card to pay for my shopping and there was insufficient funds.

Luckily I had cash on me to pay for my food otherwise it could of been very embarrassing and I would end up not being able to feed the family for the week if that was all the money I had and I am on benefits and cannot afford to be joining up to such websites and paying that amount of money.

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