User story: Habit box charge of 27,55€!

User story: Habit box charge of 27,55€!

I sign up in a habit box through internet. I didn’t use my Google accoun, but my regular email wich was another mistake. I was always careful with my card number, but I believed that they”LL send me an email, when my “free” time will be ending. Then came the email, that I purchased their “plan”. ,,Ok” I thought. I think that it was email just for the “free” time. But then came a message to my mobile banking, that I was charged 27,55€!!! Now I’m trying to get them back. Hopefully it will work out…. Please be careful about your card info and don’t be so trustful in these apps. I fell so dumb now, that I can’t even say it… If I sign up with my Google account, it will be easier to get my money back though Google play, but now I don’t know what to do! That’s why I’m here.

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