User story: scam (renews automatically for 49,99€)

User story: scam (renews automatically for 49,99€)

I was about to find a job, but additional money was a great option, so I subscribed to, and for an offer that you complete, a survey, whether you have to watch or subscribe on another, all offers were under 1€ of reward, until I found offers where you just pay 3 € to test some Nike shoes, and then the site pays you 10€, but unfortunately, it was a subscription of 5 days long, and after that period, it renews automatically for 49,99, so 50€. The website I subscribed to is something that I don’t advise, because it’s fake, and there is no additional money, the better will be maybe 23€, in a month!!!
So don’t commit the mistake, I hope that I’m gonna get my money back.

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