What to do if PepPlays.com took money from your account

What to do if PepPlays.com took money from your account

Have you checked your bank account or received a notification that a withdrawal has been made from PepPlays.com?

PepPlays.com have build a business around a subscription model that automatically charges its customers from their credit card. So what do you do now to get your money back? Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once PepPlays.com has taken them.

Why a chargeback might be a bad idea

One way to deal with such a situation is to do a chargeback, but it can have some very serious consequences that the bank typically will not tell you:

  • There is no guarantee that your bank will follow through on the chargeback, leaving you without refund
  • You will sometimes physically have to go to visit your local branch to sign paperwork to get the charges from PepPlays.com revoked
  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • Your bank might require that you provide documentation that you dont have
  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it

In many cases, we can get your money back within 3-4 days

In many cases, we typically manage to get customers their money back from PepPlays within 3-4 days. We know the process and have dealt with PepPlays before. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from PepPlays.com back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

If you want us to contact and speak with PepPlays.com about your money, then just submit the form below and we will get started right away:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

261 Replies to “What to do if PepPlays.com took money from your account”

      1. Hy
        I am new at this place and i dont why my money from the account has been deducted .
        Can you please refund it.please.
        I dont have that much of money .it might be my mistake or whatever please refund it.

    1. I too was charged without signing up for subscription-I entered the $1 airfare competition. I Have contacted authorities . Not surprisingly, They are thieves, known to authorities. I’ve tried multiple times to ‘cancel subscription’ that I didn’t sign up for and not surprisingly- I don’t have an account.

    2. I too was charged without signing up for subscription-I entered the $1 airfare competition. I Have contacted authorities . Not surprisingly, They are thieves, known to authorities. I’ve tried multiple times to ‘cancel subscription’ that I didn’t sign up for and not surprisingly- I don’t have an account.

      My bank gave me a new credit Card. Pls change ur details so they can’t unlawfully charge u ever again. Police – spam unit has said that ‘pepplays.com’ are known cyber scammers. In my situation, they used airnz.co.nz to set up a fake $1 airfare competition. I thought I was entering a ‘sanctioned’ Air NZ competition . I was charged $75.30; rather, they stole $75.30 from me.

  1. peplays took $68.24 with out my authority , I was actually looking at Stan . It was only after I rang my bank that I realised what they had done . I tried to cancel and kept getting silver screen come up and they claim no knowledge of the transaction.

  2. pepplays.com

    Stole from me on my credit card without permission as I never bought or joined anything.

    Details as follows:

    Transaction date: 3 April 2018
    Amount: $71.12
    Processed date: 4 April 2018

    Transaction date: 3 May 2018
    Amount: $73.20
    Processed date: 4 May 2018

    Please get my money back.
    Thank you.

    1. Pepplays.com stole my money $118 in my account without my permission buy I never joined anything from pepplays.com
      Please get my money back Please

  3. I have had an unaurthorised transaction on my account on Friday 22nd June 2018 of $75, I have been in touch with my bank in regards to charge back, they’ve advised me to contact pepplays to request refund as I did not agree to subscribe, I was contacted by pepplays advising me I had won an iphone, it was not stated that I would be subscribing and a weekly charge will be on my account, the email was worded in such a way that all I was going to be charged for the shipping of the phone. If you can help it would be much appreciated, it is a scam to get peoples details and have access to their account.
    Teiwingaro Rolleston

  4. Anoche revise y me.di cueta que jan debitado de mi cuenta 49.99 dolares sin si mi autorización

  5. Hi, I have been charged from Pepplays. I was searching repair info on a veheicle for my father, and was dum enough to register on Pepplay, it was supposed to be free of charge until I found the right info…!
    And a lot of money too!!!!! I would never have subscribed for 60 dollars !!!!!!
    Please help me get my money back!!!
    Best wishes
    Kristina Goransson

  6. I just looked into my account and pepplay.com took $77.97 out of my account can you help please that was money for my kids camp fees

  7. I had a charge of $49.95 go through from pepplays, with the exchange it came to $67.41 I would like to get that money back if possible! Thanks

  8. I sent an e mail to the address I was given and told them to CANCEL EVERYTHING RIGHT THEN. I checked my account just now and they taken 49.50 Plus 1.50 for service. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

  9. Bonjour, veuillez annuler mon inscription. je vais demander à ma banque de bloquer tout prélèvement de votre part
    please cancel my registration. I will ask my bank to block any deductions from you

  10. Pepplays charged my credit card without my authorisation $69.11 after a $5 subscription to an AFL SITE. I want a refund.

  11. Transaction type: Purchasing with a bank card
    Partner name: 18888965411pepplays.com 2133001
    value date: 2018.08.27
    5309 95** **** 0235
    Izing Ferenc
    18888965411 pepplays.com 2133001
    49,95 USD
    Reference number: Ref: 316ZPOS18239000I

  12. To whom it may concern. I was debited 3 times by pepplays 04/07/2018, 07/08/2018 and 04/09/2018 by €49.95 each time. I just want to get my money back please

  13. I wish to cancel My subskription immediately, Never signed up. Wishing PepPlays to depositum the amount deducted from my account 49,95 euro,immediately.
    Want feedback on this mail.

  14. Ho ricevuto un addebito sulla CC. VISA di 49.95 euro + 1,03 euro senza saper a cosa si riferisca tale addebito

  15. I just got charged $68.09 from my debit card on November 2. And I still did not get my money back, please I want my money back!
    Thank you!

  16. Salve mi sono trovata a mia insaputa un pagamento a questo sito PEPPLAYS.COM senza che io fossi iscritta. Mi hanno sottratto 49.95 euro, voglio che mi vengano restituite e che i miei dati vengano eliminati dal data base di questi truffatori. Grazie.

  17. Hello!

    I was also defaulted by Pepplays and don´t know what to do now. Please get in contact with me until Monday (7.1.18), otherwise I will contact the bank and police next week.

    0049-1727078911 or [email protected]

  18. Se me. Ha quitado una suma de mi cuenta con engaño entre en una pagina pagando 1 euro y me han quitado 51 euros como hago para darme de baja?

  19. I cancelled last month.but still your company is taking money and i received message that your company will not take money anymore in my account.please stop it

  20. Pepplays.com charged me for an account that I did not activate and now I cannot log into the site to cancel said subscription.

  21. Pepplays.com charged my account without and I was not to get into the account but they charged me for a service that I was not even able to use.

  22. I have been charged $64.70 from my accounts without any other substitution with pepplays.com apart from the $1 airfare competition I entered.

  23. There is money missing from my account and was taken by pep play I did not give permission for this to happen I want my money back and to cancel any future transactions

  24. I has been charged for the last 5 months for the subscription (49,95 USD /month) by pepplays.com. I have checked the emails and I have got the confirmation of signing in by other name. The only details that are correct are my email address and credit card details. I haven’t agreed for any serviceses and signed any contract.

  25. Today i saw the my account was debited with 57,95 euro by you, pepplays.com
    In 30.06.2019 i filled a request of smart phone at a chat widget …and you debitated . I never heard you,I never maded acces in your site and…I AM NOR INTERESTED IN PLAYS. I am old man ,i have no time to play.
    Thank you

  26. I did not remember any apps from this kung media that i subscribe why they are deducting such amount in my account?please send me a mail how to stop and get my money back..

  27. I was told I wasn’t going to get charged and I got charged $68.51!!! I’m sooo broke right now and now I’m going to be short for my rent this is fuckin harsh!!! pleez help

  28. I am so disappointed with this stupid fuckn website I did not sign up with which they have drawn out $80dollar out of my bank account without me knowing what a disgrace yous a thieves I wa t my refund back as I had contacted the company to stop taking money out they still fuckn do it

  29. Pepplays have claim to take $80.1 on the 9th of August and took $4.72 on the 15 of August plus $3.10 which I did not consent and had nothing to do with pepplays weather I did not sign up for this and I would like my refund money now!!!!!!! Yous are thieves

  30. Hello, As of the 17/08/19 I was subject to an unaware transaction of £0.95 from pepplays.com. I am concerned that I will be charged in the future without my permission. I was wondering if you would be able to help?

  31. Hi use have taken money out of my account and I don’t know why it’s for $76.11 how can I get my money back.

  32. I was charged about 75 dollars out of my bank the other day from pep plays and I never subscribed or purchased anything I want whatever scam this is to refund my money immediately please help me I only get 100$ a week :/

  33. I saw that if I signed up I’d get a free 100$ gift card. I was dumb enough to believe it and now they’re charging me and I can’t cancel. Please help

  34. I got stolen out of my NAB (national australia bank) account $72.58 by pepplayz.com which is a fake and not real wbsite i found out on 4th of november and also i got stolen $1.51 first on 25th of october. The $72.58 says by eftpos but that dosent make sense. So they must be stealing money out of my account somehow and i hardly got any money in my account now till wednesday night as in tomorrow night and dont want anymore that much stolen.
    They are going to take the same amount out this week to i can feel it and that shouldnt be fucking happening.
    I’ll send my bank details for a refund if i get a email back..i really need refund and for them to stop doing this.

  35. Hallo, er is van mijn creditcard door Pepplays.com 57,95 euro afgeschreven en nog een keer door Novelkee.com 57,95 zonder dat ik daar toestemming voor heb gegeven!.
    ik wil deze bedragen terug hebben. OPLICHTERS zijn het!!!
    de afschrijvingen waren op; 05-11-2019

  36. I never agreed subscription or paying for it..
    Unfourntunaly my bank account has a pending payment of 79.99
    Pleqse help me im financial not stabke enough to pay this

  37. The company PepPlays removed from my credit card money in account 57,95 EUR. I want to get money back, please, could you help me?

  38. Hello, good afternoon, pepplays has already charged me two months 45.34. How do I get the money back? Thank you.

  39. I cannot find a telephone number to call to unsubscribe from Pepplays. It’s been a few months now and I haven’t used the service nor sho I want to. I don’t really care if I get mg money back although that would be nice. I just don’t want them to take any more of my money.

  40. Hello,

    I want to immediately cancel my subscription and being refunded, as Pepplays policy term say “One (1) month premium members may cancel their subscription at anytime during the initial thirty (30) day period following registration and receive a one hundred percent (100%) refund of their respective membership price.
    Let me know as soos as possibile,

  41. Would like a phone call please, money taken from my bank and would put back as soon as possible and subscription cancelled

  42. Unauthorised transaction by pepplay on my card of $84 yesterday and numerous other transactions that need to be refunded asap. Sick and tired of getting scanned by these guys, they shouldn’t be allowed to b operating at all.

  43. I want to cancel my account with pepplays. And refund my money back into my account. Thank you Shelbie Coker

  44. How do you people get bank details . I never gave permission for you to take a weeks worth of groceries out of my bank

  45. Peplay has taken over $100 out of my account don’t even know who they are. Please help me to get my money back

  46. Они взяли 49,95USD с моего счета. Без моего согласия. Пожалуйста верните деньги.

  47. pepplay charged my card with 75 EUR yesterday . Sick and tired of getting scanned by these guys, they shouldn’t be allowed to be operating at all.

  48. Здравствуйте. Помогите мне вернуть деньги они у меня сняли деньги 49,95 USE

  49. I have never signed up for this website or whatever it is and I want a refund I have lost over 210$ Cad please help me out

  50. Good evening! I had a problem, you had mistakenly charged 49,95$, I did not make a subscription! Please could you give my money back? I really need them, Please fix my problem

  51. Pepplay.com Ref; 013079–1575 Withdrew funds from my card 10 May 2020 for the amount of $84.16. don’t know what this was for or how and why a withdrawal was made.

  52. My name is Cherylene Poharama and today I received notification that an unauthorized transaction has been occurring through my bank account of withdrawals has been made without my knowledge or any form of notification by any means. Today a large sum of 119.00 dollars was taken today 17 June 2020 and because my bank found this to be very suspicious activity which has now alerted my bank to now take up the process of requesting a full refund to be made back into my bank account or kiwibank will uplift the investigation from me and proceed on behalf of me their client to fight for the return of my money unlawfully taken if no action is made. Unacceptable as I will now inform this as an fraud and scam.

  53. Am 15.06. erfolgte eine Abbuchung über meine Kreditkarte. Ich habe aber nie einen solchen Auftrag gegeben und ersuche um ehestmögliche Rückerstattung

  54. PepPlays.com took my money from my account without my authorization. Please I want my money to be return back to my account as soon as possible.

  55. У меня списали со счета 75 евро. Хотя покупку никакую я не оформляла. Можно ли как-нибудь вернуть деньги?

  56. without a contract damaged by 75 euros, what should I do, who are they, how to get rid of them? (peppays.com)

  57. I dont know why they can took money from my account so can anyone tell me how to get back the money please!

  58. Hello, I have been charged by pepplayz.com as follows:
    1,03€ on June 24
    75,00€ on July 1
    75,00€ on July 31
    75,00€ today September 1

    Please help me stop the charges and if possible to get the money back.

  59. good day,
    please return the money back to my account .. you have taken my money several times already, even though I asked you not to take it from me. I’m reporting you to the police!

  60. got robbed of $115.13 from this pepplays thingy for i dont know why..Have told my bank but to no avail..I cant afford to even full my cupboards, why on earth would i spend it on this

  61. Hi, I’m really hoping you can help! I was asked to enter my credit card details as security when booking a free online museum tour. I thought little more of it but afterwards realised that pepplays.com had setup a trial 7 day subscription for me, at no time at all did I ask them to. Because I was unaware that the trial was taking place it came as quite a shock when they billed me for £51.60 on 20th of January, the cost of a full month’s subscription, which apparently this 7 day trial automatically rolls on to. I have cancelled the subscription straight away today when I realised what had happened, as I will not be using the web site, but it seems a bit unfair to me to have paid out for something that, for one, I won’t use, and for two, had no clue that it was going to happen. Any advice or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time!

    Best regards,

    Matt Kelly

  62. I don’t understand how people can get away with doing this I am a battery single mother struggling with my kids and people taking money out of my account that I did not use or even know about I need to know how to get a refund back I have call the bank as well and they are looking into it and there is going to be an investigation on there end

  63. Ok people I don’t know about anybody else but I have worked it out for myself they reckon within 5 to 15 days I’ll have my refund believe me it was a website cord Max music.com they asked me to do a survey with them and I would receive a laptop for a dollar well it doesn’t turn out like that but I went to their support and then ask them if they are linked with pepplays.com and they said yes they are maybe you need to go back through and see if he’s done any surveys or anything like that and that’s what you need to do go back to their support and ask them if that’s you they are linked with see if that will help good luck

  64. I want to know why pepplay has taken money from my account I want a refund I have never heard of these people before

  65. Pep plays.com
    Has taken $77.00 from my bank account
    To which I have not activated their system
    I pretty much like them be stopped doing there rubbish.
    I’ll will taking action further if no action is to them be cease

  66. Pepplay has stole from my account for $108.37 Ned and I dont why my money from the account has been deducted .Can you please help me refund it.

  67. Hi
    I have peplays.com has taken money from my accounts twice $ 77.63.
    Last month on the 18th and today
    . They have no right to do that but would light to refund all of those money back and deleted from there site which I cannot get into

  68. Hello I did a mistake and SUBSCRIBED on PepPlays.com now I have free trail for 5 days and then they will take money from my visa card every month I want to stop this subscription and I cant find where can I unsubscribe. please help me .

  69. I asked for this to be cancelled & refund my money ASAP
    I didn’t subscribe this & if not canceled or money refunded I will be reporting this to the AFP as a scam!!!

  70. I am called “User ID: 21003141” by pepplays. They want to withdraw 77.87 australian dollars from commowealthbank mastercard account 5353 1652 9879 2915, for nothing !

  71. See you still haven’t got all my money back or canceled it so after reading all the other comments & they did there’s back either. All I can say is that you aren’t helping anyone & yous are scammer too.

  72. Have had money taken out of my account from pepplays and papgamez. Hiw do i get my money back

  73. I am new at this place and i dont why my money from the account has been deducted .
    Can you please refund it.please.
    I dont have that much of money .it might be my mistake or whatever please refund it.

  74. Pepplays-Do not debit funds from my account. Unsubscribe any subscription associated with this email address.

  75. There is no form to fill out to cancel or to get my money back as they say there is. I want that form so I can did it & so yous can get my money back.

  76. I never sign approval for you to with draw money from my bank account and on Monday I shall start a dispute with