Get your money back

Get your money back

We are a service that helps you get money back from subscription membership websites. Use the search function to see if we work together with a site you subscribe to.

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

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      1. I was charged £53.55 from this pepplays and have no idea what it is or how they managed to get money out of my account. I want my money back ASAP.

  1. I was charged exactly $49.95 on 13th April 2018.

    I never used any of their services, and I was not notified om getting ripped after the “trial time”.

    Honesty would never persist in keeping that money (no refund).

  2. I was charged $1.03 on 6th May 2018 and was charged $49.95 on 11th May 2018
    I never used any of their services, and I was not notified on getting ripped after the “trial time”.

    Honesty would never persist in keeping that money (no refund).

  3. Hi bonxmedia got money taking out from my account with out my permission
    3/4/2018 $70.93
    24/5/2018 $74.38
    And I got taking out like 3 time more a few months ago $70 I call my bank and send me a new c.card but still taking money I want my money back thanks

  4. I canceled Spodify but I just received a $9.99 new charge on 5-24-18 almost a year later. Now there’s no way to contact customer service, get my money back, and make sure it stays canceled.

  5. Sorry,i speak onlie german.ich hab einen abzug von und habe keine ahnung was das ist.ich brauche hilfe!es geht um 49.95 doller

  6. I have paid $99.95 for express VPN subscription for 1 year from 25 may 2018 to 25 may 2019.

    1. They said it was a free 30 day trial so i wanna try it out but, netflix took my money without even mailing me or asking for consent it was 550 pesos please help me

  7. Can take moeny from
    I suppose to get $1000 from but the day to be credited I got email that payment cannot be credit in your account due to charge back from client. Where as client is saying there is nothing charge back and hey have not deposited anything to there account and infact they have taken his 1500$.

    Basically in short they cheated. So is there is change to get money?? Even Imm ready to loose that money but they put my account in negative for $4000. So if they removethst then also good. But as per review on google and youtube is scam.

    So letme know how you canhelp

  8. OWLPLAYZ charged me 49.95 Eur each day: april 1, may 1, june 1 for total of 149,85 Eur and
    musicmac charged me 49,95 Eur each day: april 3, may 3, june 3 for total of 149,85 Eur.

  9. I was charged twice, once from and the next from Both times I was charged $72.74c NZD – If possible I would like a refund of both so a total of $145.48 NZD.

  10. Hi another one who stole money from the same credit card without permission as folloes:


    Transaction date: 1 April 2018
    Amount: $70.96
    Processed date: 3 April 2018

    Transaction date: 1 May 2018
    Amount: $73.20
    Processed date: 3 May 2018

    Please get my money back.
    Thank you.

  11. took money from my account when I’ve never even interacted with them. I don’t even know about this website. I’ve never visited or seen it until now. Please, I need a refund and I need this to stop before it gets worse.

  12. I had made a purchase on and they put me as a VIP well I didnt know that the first week of every month I had to sign in and either make a purchase or skip the month, if you don’t respond the email they charge your account and use it as credit. Since I never received an email to my primary account I never knew to “check in” well they took $39.95 out of my account and I didnt know until I checked my bank statement. I called to cancel telling them about the emails and customer service said it wasn’t they’re fault that the email didn’t go through and that it was my email provider’s fault. Long story short they wouldnt give me my money back and now I have a $40 credit that I don’t want.

  13. I paid 35.88$ but they only refund me less than 2$ !! after 13 days !!!!!

    Dear Al,

    Thank you for your recent purchase at iPage! Your order charge
    has been processed successfully.

    Please find a breakdown of your order below:

    Go Plan – Foundation – $2.99 per month (billed $35.88 for 12 months)

    – Order Total: $35.88
    – Amount Paid: $35.88
    – Date of purchase: 06/02/18 05:20:42 PM

  14. Dobrý den, prosím Vás tahle stránka mi strhla 1 117,83 Kč a přitom jsem ji vubec nepoužila. prosím o vrácení peněz. peníze mi strhli 22.6.2018

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  16. Mediablunt have “stolen” 50 dollar from my account since october 2017. My creditcard company said only option to stop them was to get a new card and destroy the old one. Hope you guys can help out for a fee of course…

  17. Didn’t subscribe,had no right to take money from my bank account, criminal’s criminal’s criminal’s, DON’T GO NEAR OWLPLAYZ.COM CRIMINALS

  18. Please assist with refund for the domains below from godaddy
    Product Quantity Term Price
    .COM Domain Registration

    1 Domain
    1 Year
    R 122,54
    .COM Domain Registration

    1 Domain
    2 Years
    R 137,08
    R 259,62
    R 0,00
    R 259,62

  19. Wly* have bin taking £15 out my bank I did not sign up for this I would like my money back hoping you can help thank you

  20. I made an entry that I did not have to do with my card on 01 October 2018.
    I wanted my money back without any active subscription service. thank you. I await an answer.

  21. It al began with you won an ipfhone and i have to fill in my creditcard to send it to me. How stupid can you be but i did and so i seemed to have a free trialperiode for something i never used or will use ever. On the date from beginning 10/10 they took -1,03€ from the creditcard, on 15/10 they took another -49,95€ from my creditcard before i had the time to cancel membership because i had very much on my mind and no time to cancel it within 5 days. They where realy very fast to took the money from my card ! Can you help me please to get it back ? The same !!! on 10/10 -1,00€ and on 15/10 – 63,95€
    I still can’t believe how stupid i was to think i would ever win an ipfone ! If you can solve thes cases for me ,i will gladly pay for your services ! Best Regards. Vera Verlinden

  22. has been charging my credit card from the beginning of this year. My Bank only refunds charges that are 30days old.
    How can you get a refund from Coreplays for charges from January-June (6×49.95 USD)?

  23. Please help me get my money back and cancel the subscription as I never join the site or consented to my money been taken by anyone. It was $100..56 and $2.51 NZD on the 2nd of November 2018

  24. I have taken one month free subscription of netflix after completion of 1 months there is a debit of rs.800 by netflix it’s my humble request to refund my money i dont want to be longer user of you’s

  25. On 28th Oct I spent 1.03USD twice.
    …and on 4th Nov the site charged witout my permition 49,95USD.
    Identity number of the carge: CY 18663574546.
    Please let me know, what can I do to get my money back.

    best regards,
    Mr. Béla András Meleg

  26. WLY* Complete Save have been taking money fraudulently from my debit card for the last 3 month totalling £45 . I don’t requested to join the Complete Save savings plan. I have never completed an application form to join this savings plan or received any emails. I want to give my money back.

  27. have never ask to join this site they take from my credit card 9.23 pm. november 10 2018.
    I want my money back thank you

  28. I have never ask and sign for this siteThey take from my credit card 48.95 euros today novembre the 10 2018.I want my money back ,thank you

  29. My account was charged 43 GBP on the 05.11.2018. and supposedly sent their confirmation email five days before but it went straight to my spam (without any login details, of course). No services were provided for this money. I cancelled my card and I sent them a cancellation request today (21.11.2018)

  30. I have already filled the form in but have realized that I’m sure they’ve taken money out in a different names from my bank a/c, all listed..Wangziqi took €15.55. PCMuzic took €49.85 & something called Go took from my bank a/c €45.67

  31. I have had x3 months credit card charges for something I have not knowingly signed up to. I want my money back. There is something v wrong here which requires further independent investigation and sanction.

  32. Sir every month they are charging me money without letting me know please get my monwy back from


  34. I was on my tablet playing Fortnite so I put my card on there then I but 10 dollar deal on Fortnite then it took 10 of iTunes it said iTunes bill it’s my brothers tablet though

  35. Yo cancelé a tiempo de 2 a 3 días y se tomaron el atrevimiento de descontar de mi cuenta de banco necesito que devuelvan el reembolso por favor

  36. I trækket mine penge fra mit konto i den. 01/12/2018. så kan du være sød at tilbage mine penge. Der er 387,43 kr eller £ 49,95.

  37. I was not aware that I had to pay £15 every month. Didn’t realise I signed up to this. They’ve taken £15 and I would like my money back

  38. I have never used your service before, so I don’t know why i was charged by you. Please help me to refund my money. Thank you so much

  39. . they took $71.05 from my account without permission on 26/12/2018 – I am a pensioner on a low income and so this has put me into debit on my card.

  40. Playcapt is charging me $5 subscription and $49 monthly after 5 days, I’m not interested in downloading movies if I wanted movies I could just pay Netflix every month comes out way cheaper anyways, Pinterest sent me a msg to fill out a form saying I had won a year free on Netflix I filled out some info then got a msg from playcapt now I want to cancel and a refund

  41. Zeplays charged me 49.95 euros for absolutely nothing. I cancelled my membership, and their site claims to give a full refund before the first 30 days have passed, but they refuse to do so. Please, help

  42. Hi
    I bought a blowtorch from bilablua for 100kr 17/10 2018 the order was placed. 27/10 100kr was taken frommy account for the order placed.
    5/11 2018 129kr was pulled
    10/12 129kr was pulled
    31/12 129kr was pulled.
    I have canceled my membership/subsciption at bilablau even though i never made a memberdship to join.

  43. They have been taking £15 out of my account since October last year I didn’t realise this until now . I want it stopped cancelled .

  44. I have just asked for help with this site I have phoned them and they asked for a membership number when I went online they said my account was no longer active so I can’t get it cancelled ! HELP !

  45. I bought 5 days of and paid 15 zlotys in one. Without my consent, my membership was renewed for 30 days and 199 Polish zlotys were collected.

  46. This company has been fraudulently been taking £15 a month out of my account for 6 months as i did not sign up to their membership and have only seen the transactions now.

  47. They have been taking money £15 a month for 3 years before I found out about it from my bank account through my debit card


  49. Quero o meu dinheiro de volta. Não comprei nada a esse valor. E tirem os meus dados do vosso sistema. Obrigada

  50. Hola, en mi tarjeta están haciendo un cobro de un sitio web llamado, un pago por $1.03 el 21/enero/2019, uno mas por $49.95 el 26/enero/2019 y un tercero de la pagina playspotz por $49.95 el 28/enero/2019

  51. They asked 2€ for a iPhone XS en that i get from a Telenet costumer enquête but i don’t want this because its fraude

  52. I was charged 5706 JPY (49.95 USD) by, on Feb/22/2019, without even visiting the website.

    I signed up on playproz which clearly was operated under the same group, and somehow charged me for both playproz and kungmedia. $99.9 in total.

  53. 2 amounts are deducted every month off my account € 1.94 and € 2.95. I want this to stop because i neer agreed whit this.

  54. Hello IV had £15 taken out my bank for a year by wly*complete please help get my money back. I don’t buy anything on-line I can’t remember signing up for it .

  55. Hello I noticed that £15 went out my bank called WLY*complet and I don’t remember getting anything there so would I be able to have my money back please?

  56. I need a help with this website which has stolen me €50,00 from my account but i don’t ever use this website , I don’t know what it talks about. Thank soon

  57. I was checking my bank account today and I noticed a payment of £15 been taken from my account each
    month. Wly* have taken this amount each month from 28-12-2017 until 26-03-2019.
    I had to ” GOOGLE” this as I have never heard of them before and have had no correspondence with them before. Looking at Trustpilot reviews this company is reviewed 100% as scammers.

  58. Kickplays. Com mi ha sottratto dalla carta di credito 49.95€.vorrei la cancellazione e la restituzione del credito sulla mia carta di credito

  59. I had prescribed on two websites and Since 2 months I was billed € 49,95 monthly for the first and € 54,95 for the second. It’s almost € 210,- thrown away, because I didn’t use any of the services.

  60. Goplayz is the site.. i don’t know how it happened.. i don’t even know if i have a profile in that site but i don’t want it.. so if you can help me to have my money back and to cancel subscription it wpuld be so great.. thank u

  61. ZEDPLAYS.COM 49,95 EUR on 11.12.2018, 11.01.2019, 11.02.2019, 11.03.2019, 11.04.2019 49,95 EUR on 14.12.2018, 14.01.2019, 14.02.2019, 14.03.2019

  62. Can you help me get my money back from
    Every month they withdraw 49.95 eur from my account.

  63. I don’t have time to watch Netflix and I was just on a trial period for one month and I don’t want the subscription. So, it’s a kindly request to refund my money

  64. I like a refund no one has permission to remove anything from my accounts I am very upset about this I like my $62 back from my bank account you guys take it every month and I never agreed to it

  65. I want my money back immediately because I don’t authorize nobody to take my money from my credit card. I’m very angry with that situation . Btw I don’t have any idea who you are . I hope you refund my money back.


  67. hi bonxmedia,com took two lots of $ 108 out of my com bank on the 31 /5/2019 thay said it was for free i didint have to pay anything couse it was a free site

  68. I wanna get my money back added on my card from Netflix I just paid 10.99 for 1 month and I Unsubscribe today

  69. Dear sir/mam i want to says that the netflix was access my account without my permission and debited the money of 800 rupees. How can access my account without my permission by netflix. I want to money back who debited my account. Other wise i will go to the consumer against netflix.

  70. heeft via misleiding een abonnement aangesmeerd. Deze heb ik inmiddels opgezegd, maar ze incasseren via mijn creditcard toch nog 70 euro… Hier heb ik niet voor getekend.

  71. took £15 from my bank without warning and i also did not sign up so i dont have a clue how they got my information,please help

  72. Disappointed by a product or service you’ve paid for? The FTC has tips to help you get your money back. You can use our sample complaint letter to ask the seller or manufacturer for a refund, get tips and strategies for making your case, and find organizations that may be able to help. Don’t be fooled by scammers who promise to get your money back for a fee.

  73. I want to cancel my Account and ver my money Back, Since i had aún unauthorized charge.

  74. Hi.
    Fastplays stole 50 USD at 6th June 2019 from my credit card. I never subscribed to this website

  75. Please cancel my membership and I need my refund of 51.92£ That’s was been taken at 26.07.2019 …. my refund please in my bank account… thank you

  76. Please cancel me as a customer I don’t want anymore charges to come out of my account as I have not even used your services and have a fee of $1.48

  77. I never used any of their services, and I was not notified I am getting ripped after the “trial time”. They ripped me since November 2018 until today,July 2019.My mistake, I did not check my bank statement earlier but good that I find out .Every month they use not authorized and permitted transaction of $49,95 from my Master Credit Card. Please help me to get back money of 8 months of not using service ( but charged) from this unprofessional .

  78. you better refund my money amount of $49.95 I will file charged against you for fraud I will call the FBI I did not give my consent on this right now it is FRAUD

  79. Am I subscribing to a site or is it just the 5 euro for helping or is thier going to be a monthly fee

  80. I have a charge on my credit for for and I would like my money back! Are you the people that can do that for me?

  81. This to inform you that due to some misunderstanding i wrongly take a subscription of expressvpn and 7179Rs rupees deducted from my bank account so i kindly request you to cancel my subscription and transfer my money asap into my bank account because it is very urgent to me and this amount of money is very important and precious to me plse try to understand my problem im very thankful to you and your team members plse

  82. FUNMANGER. I have no knowledge of this website and their just taking money. I need that back. And I need to cancel my subscription thank you

  83. PLAYBOMBS. I have no knowledge of this website and their just taking money. I need that back. And I need to cancel my subscription thank you

  84. without knowing it has automatically charged me a lot of money. FUNMANGER.COM 16467128134 SK. i would be pleased to get my money back

  85. without knowing it has automatically charged me a lot of money. PLAYBOMBS.COM 18665746588 49,95 USD. I would be pleased to get my money back

  86. BONXMEDIA.COM 18666161681 CY. Without knowing it has automatically charged me a lot of money. I would be pleased to get my money back

  87. Viaplay has charged me 30 € (for two months) and I have pretty good proof that I subscribed to the monthly fee by mistake. They refuse to refund. Can you help?

  88. bez môjho vedomia mi odúčtovali dňa 10.10.2019 sumu 57,95 Eur + dňa 12.10.2019 sumu 57,95 Eur !!! automaticky mi berie peniaze z mojej kreditnej karty – ako mi môžete pomôcť, prosím ? took money from my account when I’ve never even interacted with them.
    10.10.2019 = 57,95 Eur + 12.10.2019 = 57,95 Eur

  89. navodnom kupovinom mobilnog aparata od 1euro poćeli su mi skidati sa kartice.20.9.2019 su me teretili za 18,00 eura što je i skinuto sa raćuna dabi kasnije20.10.2019 ponovo teretili moj račun sa 75,00 eura

  90. VPN took 10 dollars from my app card. They did not tell me that i have to pay 10 dollars. I longed out just in just and it still took my money without me knowing. If they didn’t take my 10 dollars I would use it for better things.

  91. claimed on Facebook that they could provide a facility similar to NetFlix for free. Stupidly, when they asked for my credit card details I gave it to them. They are now charging me NZD77.98! If this is for some form of a subscription then I want it cancelled. They have scammed me! I have already contacted my Bank who cannot stop the charge, but have agreed to change my credit card

  92. I’m looking to get a refund from netflix. I got a free trail with one of my other emails I use and then got charged £5.99 and I cancelled the plan and just want a refund

  93. took €57,95 from my visa card and I didn’t ordered or never signed up for I don’t no what…I want payed back, thank you. Guy Vanhoudt

  94. I make here some additions
    1. Pls send me the full agreement with you together with all terms and conditions
    2, I have got for my credit card charges for 17, 22, 24 December and 22, 24 January 57,95 EUR each
    from Mediabunt. com and has recently said that their business has shut down. My credit card has been blocked,
    3 I am willing to pay you 5 EUR for each transaction paid back or removed.
    Pls confirm the receipt of this message

  95. Paeanplay.Co took money from my 17yr old daughters account without permission from anyone. we have never even been on this website. how do i get a refund $103 NZD

  96. Good morning,
    from my account: 47 1140 2004 0000 3002 7532 4511 PLN 277 was taken without reason. I didn’t want to run anything on your site. I don’t know how it works, I don’t know how it happened and I am asking for sending back the funds, I do not use and I did not use your services.

    I attach confirmation in the attachment. I am asking for sending back the funds as soon as possible, because it is 1/6 of my earnings, and it is the end of the month and I really need them.

    Justyna Sitnik

  97. It was supposed to have a month free trial to netflix but they charged me 14.00$ like a regullary registration and i cant take any refund

  98. I subscribed Netflix by mistake then I asked them to cancel that so they told they are cancelling it and I will get 2 mails 1 of cancellation and 1 of refund but I only got 1 i.e of cancellation

  99. $85.72 was taken from my Bank Account on Thursday 16th April 2020 at 6.40am for, which I was not aware of. Is there any way I can get this money back into my Bank Account????

  100. Здравствуйте, хочу вернуть деньги в количестве 49,95 $, с сайта Помогите пожалуйста

  101. WLY* Complete Save have been scamming all my money fraudulently from my debit card every month by £15. I also never requested to join the Complete Save membership at all. It’s really worrying me because it is really effecting my financial savings as well.

  102. £15.00 was taken from my partners account and we have no knowledge of who this company is.
    Thank you

  103. is charging me 50 dollars a month for no reason it is a scam website I want this to stop I would like it if you can do something to stop the charge

  104. Hello sir or mam. I have bills in theses sites. they total $306.60. the sites are Like Planner 2, Atrals, Audible, Statictrack 2.

  105. I have a bill on my VISA account from for 2 month with an amount of 75.– € every month. So I want to cancel this immediately. Could you help me how to make this????

  106. hi 247 got money taking out from my debitcard $72.05 on 10 june 2020 and $72.13 on 14july2020.Please refund and back my money.

  107. hi playproz team they took from my debitcard $73.46 on 12june2020 and $72.13 on 12July.Please quick refund and back my money.

  108. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren –
    mir ist nicht bewusst, irgend eine Leistung, ein Produkt von eingekauft, bestellt bzw. erworben zu haben.
    Dennoch wurde in meiner VISA-Kreditkartenabrechnung vom Juli 2020 ein Betrag über EUR 75,– von meinem Konto abgezogen. Buchungstag: 13. Juli 2020, Zusatz im Feld Rechnungen: 18888178516 CYP !

    Ich ersuche um dringende Rück-Überweisung des o.a. Betrages, anderenfalls ich meinen Rechtsbeistand einschalten werde.
    MfG Hanns-Heint ULLRICH, 2500 Baden bei Wien / Österreich

  109. i was charge also 265.59aed from on june 3,2020. and another from was charge me again 189.01aed on june 5,2020..on july 3,2020 i was charge again from the 265.59aed..and the last this august 8,2020 i was charge again 283.61aed..all in all the total amount is 1,39.80aed or could you took in my account that i never been used this…so now i want to back my money ASAP…..this is so horrible….

  110. i did not subscribe for this service within the past days i subscribed to netflix l wanted to subscribe to show max but i was not able,then 3 days ago a large sum of money of south african rand 1799 rand was deducted by express vpn,please help l need my money back its all l have

  111. how you can help me to get my money back..pls reply in this my email
    i send last week in your email and i send also my details about this online i hope you can help me about this my problem its a big loss for me when they take my money in my account.

  112. Aš tik prisiregistravau,bet nieko neužsakinėjau,o po 2 dienų banko sąskaitoje pasigedau 57 € .prašau padėkite susigrąžinti pinigus. Ačiū.

    I just signed up on but didn’t order anything and after 2 days I lost € 57 in my bank account. Please help me get my money back. Thank you.

  113. £300 goods damaged in parcel hero care, parcel hero refuse to help, charged £6 for non collection of parcel.
    i want this back.

  114. I was charged 2 times €1.03 on the 2nd of October and €70.73 on the 7th of October 2020
    Please help me to get my money back

  115. and started charge my fee monthly since August 25th. I haven’t received any confirmation email when my money has been taken. I don’t even know what kind of service I paid for.

  116. Hay stole $64 from me without me known. I never signed up for the subscription and when I found the website I had never seen it before. Can you guys please get my money back. If so that would be greatly appreciated.

  117. Good afternoon!

    £ 51.52 was deducted 08/02/2021 at 09:00 from the second of February and I don’t know why!!
    I would like to unsubscribe and I want my money back!!
    Please tell me why deducted this money and give me back and unsubscribe me this payment page! Thank You!

  118. Hi
    I have no idea why and how these people took money out of my account: FASTPLAYZ.COM 18663574546 CYP FRGN AMT: 49.95 U. S. DOLLAR
    Can you please let me know how this happened and how I can get n=my money back?
    thank you

  119. I was charged $49.95 on April 6, 2020 and have received recurring charges for the same amount from 247Mediazcom and I have NO idea what it is for and no phone number to contact them at.

  120. I was charged $78.84 from this pepplays and have no idea what it is or how they managed to get money out of my account. I want my money back .

  121. Bonjour je ne me suis pas engagerpour ce site j’ai reçu un courriel me disant que j’avais un colis en attente et que je devais remplir un formulaire avec mes coordonnées ainsi que mes numéros de carte de crédit quand ceci est fait ont est dirigé vers un casino virtuel de jeux. Je ne me suis pas abonné à ce site et je vois des transactions non autorisées,je demande le remboursement de ces 2 débits référence 4364 au montant de $3,00 et référence 3377 au montant de $55,00 Merci

  122. Hello again,have pin pointed exactly two sites which debited my account after getting today’s latest online statement. 22/04/21 247MUZIC.COM 18775566741 of CYP USD $59.95 and 23/04/21 PEPGAMEZ.COM 18887856093 of CYP USD $49.95 without permission. As I am in Australia, these dates would be the day before ( US time ) of deduction. Here it is the 24/04/21 today or 24 April 2021.

  123. I did not give Funmanger permission to take $40.75 out of my account i am on a fixed in come they took part of my living expense please return it . Taken on April28,2021

  124. I was because they said free book but they charged me 1.05$ after 1 month of 50% on how to get my money back.

  125. I want to cancel my subscription on
    It’s very annoying without using they are deducting my money through my account.

  126. Hello,

    A few minutes ago I found out that FASTPLAYZ.COM took £ 50.09 from me and I want to know how I can get my money back. Would you help me find out which site I subscribed to and help me get my money back.

    Thank you

  127. Dobrý den,
    dne 31.5. mi byla odečtena z mého účtu 670100-22005545089/6210
    částka 1484,26 společností
    Nechápu jak může vůbec dojít k takové transakci bez potvrzení z mojí strany, že takovou transakci. schvaluji.
    Rozhodně jsem neměla v úmyslu uzavřít s nimi nějakou obchodní smlouvu ani pokračovat v placeném vztahu s touto společností. Reagovala jsem pouze na 5 denní nabídku vyzkoušet zdarma čtení e knihy . V této nabídce nebylo viditelně označeno žádná další využití těchto služeb ani upozornění, že mi bude plná částka odečtena z účtu bez mého vědomí.
    Považuji tedy tuto nabídku za klamavou reklamu a
    žádám , aby mi neprodleně byla tato částka připsána zpět na můj účet. Tento požadavek jsem ke dni 1.6.2021 emailem zaslala této společnosti. Dále považuji takový způsob odebrání peněz z mého účtu bez mého potvrzení a souhlasu za naprosto nekorektní . Takový způsob jednání mi přijde absolutně v rozporu s e solidními obchodními podmínkami. Doposud jsem se takovým způsobem v obchodním vztahu nesetkala.
    Doufám, že existují v takovém případě prostředky na ochranu spotřebitele a že mám právo, aby mi peníze byly na můj účet vráceny. Bisová

  128. I want to cancel my subscription because i tray to pay with PayPal but i had problems with payment, after that i got another hosting company, then i got an email from fatcow they said Your order charge
    has been processed successfully.

  129. Fastplay have taken $72.85 from my account – they do this every three months and have now done this three times – I wrote to them after the first withdrawal and they replied it would be stopped. I contacted them to buy a book – I was required to give my credit card details and reassured I would not be charged anything unless I purchased from them – I have purchased nothing from them.

  130. I got deducted of 30€ and 36€ for the membership program which I don’t know. When I buy a product in fnac there is a pop up message for refund of 18€ for the first purchase so I gave my details but since 2 months I got deducted 66€ in total. Please refund my money. Please help me

  131. Hi i dont know how i send my money in desingcrowd website i just want my money back plese send me my money back in my account its mistake plese plese solve my problem
    Thank you

  132. I was charged with $1.73 taken out from my bank account without permission also did not make any purchases.

  133. Wly complete save they took a transaction of £15 pound I didn’t authorize the payment.

  134. Back on the 20 September 2022 “” have taken $74.95 USD ($126.17 NZD) from my account in New Zealand.. I have in no way authorised this payment so request that this be credited back to my account immediately… and request that this does not happen again. I have discussed this with my bank who will take this further if I don’t hear back from you within 5 days.

  135. I looked at my bank statement and it said £15 to wly* I didn’t spend this money. I need it back its my college funding so really important.