Cancel membership and getting money back

Cancel membership and getting money back

Are you in the same boat as many other customers who also have had money charged on their credit card from

Often customers of have no knowledge that they have been signed up for a subscription that automatically renews and takes money from your credit card. So that leaves the question: How can you get your money back from It can often be extremely difficult and frustrating trying to get the money back once has taken them from your account.

Why you should not do a chargeback

A natural reaction would be to go to your bank and ask to do a chargeback, but it might not be the best thing for you because:

  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it
  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay
  • You will need to resubscribe to all other services again that you have connected your credit card with (like phone subscription, streaming services, automatic payments etc)

Let us help you get your money back

We have helped consumers get their money back from in the past. We might have a direct contact that will help process the refund of your money. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

If you want us to get started on getting your money back from, then just fill out the form below and we will start the process:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

214 Replies to “Cancel membership and getting money back”

  1. I’m in South Africa and have been debited since December. I’ve cancelled my card but the amount still comes off. Not sure what site ito from

  2. I was charged $35.74 on 24th May 2018. I can send codes that appear on the charge if needed. I signed up to use for a specific book, which they then turned out not to have. Said it was free for 1 month. I only wanted one-time access. This was only a week ago, and they have charged me already. I now do not have the money I need to pay for something else that is necessary because of it. How do I know you are not also trying to dupe me? How do I get in touch with them to cancel as it was useless?

  3. more than $100 Au was charged from my account i want my money back. I’ve canceled my card but the amount still comes off. please close my account. Thank you

  4. I am trying to cancel and get my money back just. This was to be free trail. It was changed. I can’t get the move download.please don’t take no more money.

  5. I am trying to cancel and get my money back just. This was to be free trail. It was changed. I can’t get the move download.please don’t take no more money. I have no more money in this account so please don’t change any money from my prepaid card. I did not. Chose a package from your club

  6. Hi There,

    I did not sign up for a subscription and have been paying roughly R250.00 per month for a while now and cant get any help from anyone on how to cancel and my money back please help.

    Kind Regards

  7. Cómo tengo que hacer para que me den de baja al servicio yo no me suscribí en nada y me aparece un cargo de su sitio

  8. I want my money back I did not authorise for this to go out.I have just cancelled my card with my bank after reading this it just frustrates me because people are taking my money my kids money without my consent I’m truly angry I was at the supermarket getting groceries for dinner tonight and my card declines on me not a good feeling specially when I new there was money in there and this **** happens.

  9. Necesito reembolso de lo que se me a cobrado sin mi autorización. El 9 de agosto se me cobro $647 y hoy lunes , la suma de $ 19.590, sin yo haber realizado ninguna compara para Jurymedia. Por favor ayudenme a recuperar este dinero, antes de que vaya a denuciarlos por robo y estafa . De todas formas acabo de poner una constancia. Agradezco puedan resolver a la brevedad esta situación, Atentamente, Carolina Contador Cortés

  10. They Always take every month 80 ,00 euro from my visa kaart , but I don’t why or for what service anymore.

  11. please, i really dont even now what is that side for 🙁 i dont know where i subscribed and where i used it. and manifestly i dont need it. please if you can help me !

  12. Please cancel my membership as I not know what it is for. You are taking my money every month and I don’t know why. Please cancel it.

  13. Kunt u er aub voor zorgen dat ik niet meer gedebiteerd wordt door
    Ik heb me laten beetnemen en wordt nu 63.95 euro gedebiteerd
    Alvast bedankt

  14. How do i cancel membership with they have been charging my creditcard for over 1 year now without my knowledge i have no idea how this got signed up. its £8.95 a month. Please advise how i can get a refund for this because i have never used it i dont even know what it is.

  15. Prelevati dalla mia post card senza autorizzazione. chiedo rimborso
    PAGAMENTO ON LINE 25/10/2018 12.34 13479837548 GBR N. 635529
    – € 67 ,95

  16. Buenos días.. aún sigo esperando el ingreso de los 72€ que se han cobrado de más!!! Si no me llega en un pozo de 3 días.. denuncio la web…!

  17. I cancelled my free membership before I should have been charged. I was charged three times. #1. $1.00 on 10/19/18 #2 $9.95 on 10/24/18. #3 $.07 on 10/24/18

  18. I cancelled my free membership before I should have been charged. I was charged three times. #1. $1.00 on 10/19/18 #2 $9.95 on 10/24/18. #3 $.07 on 10/24/18

  19. I don’t recall in signing up for anything to be taking money off of me and I’m not very happy to see this.

  20. Belastung von Jury US$ 91.95 keine Ware bestellt. Test zusammenklappares Natel von SamsungBilling Information:
    Billing date: Nov 21st, 18
    Zip Code:
    Country: CH
    Order total: $0

  21. I would like to ask Dwayne Johnson of Calgary Alberta Canada why he would suggest such a company?!?
    I want all my charges back now

  22. Can you please cancel and refund the money you’re charging my account. I’ve been charged 9.99 multiple times without my permission.

  23. 38 dollars was taken from my account
    i would like it back now please
    i did not approve this
    i want any subscription connected to my account cancelled asap

  24. Hi,
    I would like to get my money back from Jurymedia from my debit card Postepay.
    Jurimedia have been charged 96,50 euros and 2,95 euros

    Can you help me?

    Best regards

  25. I did not purchase a charge to my account of $1.04. I would like a refund as well as cancel whatever subscription someone else purchased

  26. I can’t use the your page three month take in my money refund cancel the my account page three month complete you don’t cancel my page take in money don’t cancel completel company I mistake active your page

  27. 我的信用卡莫名其妙被扣92元台幣,而我不知道何時到訪過這個網站?

  28. I wasnt aware of the charges to my account until today. I didn’t authorize this. I want it stopped. And would like my money refunded.

  29. How can you get your money back yall took $40 out of my bank account it made me very angry and I was trying to put some gas in my truck and my card declined it really pissed me off because I know I had money in it and do not get no more money out of my account no more and I want my freaking money back and I don’t know what this is anyways and I didn’t even sign up or I didn’t even bought anything yall just took money out of my account tomorrow I am going to my bank and I’m going to try to fix this s***

  30. I recive in credit card resume a bill from Us$31.95 that i dont make this purchase, i dont want this suscrption, neither the `program. plase i want a refund for this error

    regards sebastian


  32. Hola buenos días por qué me están cobrando mensualmente de un servicio que lo estoy usando son ladrone que tengo que hacer para eliminar

  33. JURYMEDIA.NET has charged my account 6 times “purchase” with the total amount of approximately $80 and 6 transaction fees adding up to around $2.5. I never heard of this website until I checked the activity of my account.

  34. Hello im sebastian since last month i recive a bill from JURYMEDIA.NET US Dollar value in 31.95 each. at the momente i recive 2 bill for this value. i do not want memebership, and even know, haw i become really.
    Please i want to cancel this membership cause i never became intentionally membership so I request a refund
    of both bills. thks

  35. I never subscribed to this, I dont even know what it is and why im being charged. I hadn’t noticed till now and I am being charged more and more every month.

  36. I’m from Cambodia I just want my money Bach, 21.95$ was charged on 21 March 2019, I didn’t connect your membership

  37. I want to cancell my account cause this is just taking money out of my account for nothing, so I want my refund back from the starting this whatever site started it taking my money out ..

  38. Dear Sir/ Madame
    Please cancel membership and getting money back. I am too old and I don’t understand this. I think my membership made automatically or something other way
    Thank You!
    Emőke Kaposvari (Ms)

  39. Salve, purtroppo sono stato truffato da vedendomi sottratti ben 59,50euro. Come posso riavere i miei soldi indietro?

  40. Queria fazer o estorno do dinheiro q foi descontado da minha conta… Se puderem me ajudar… Ficaria grato, e tbm queria cancelar… Obrigado

  41. I was filling out something thought it was the right one i end up filling out took money out of my bank i end up canceling it didn’t recieve my money back please help me with my refund thank you

  42. I din’t give permision to charge me any amount of money. I dont want to recieve more discount .

  43. you guys charged me 39.95 doller at 06.04.2019. Can you guys give it back. I didn’t even sign up with this membership thing. give it back, give my money back

  44. Estoy en Montevideo. Fue cargada una suscripción a mi tarjeta de crédito OCA, que yo no realicé.
    Solicito a usted sea cancelada mi suscripción y devuelto el importe cobrado a mi tarjeta durante los meses de abril y mayo de 2019.

  45. Hello I have recently been informed by my bank that you have been taking money out of my account as you are aware I have contact the fraud department of my bank so I would like a full refund of how much you have taken out of my account back into my account as soon as possible

  46. I got a link for a game , It look very real . When I filled out the survey they told me that I need to pay 1 euro and couple days later they charged me 55.95 euro . How do I stop this

  47. I subscribed from Jurymedia and then unsubscribed but I am STILL being charged monthly!! Please help me! I’m located in South Africa.

  48. I subscribed from Jurymedia and then unsubscribed but I am STILL being charged monthly!! Please help me! I’m located in South Africa and I’m a student so don’t really have the option to cancel my card.