How to get money back from Netflix

How to get money back from Netflix

Have you checked your bank account or received a notification that a withdrawal has been made from Netflix?

Netflix have build a business around a subscription model that automatically charges its customers from their credit card. So that leaves the question: How can you get your money back from Netflix? Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once Netflix has taken them.

Things to consider before doing a chargeback with your bank

One way to deal with such a situation is to do a chargeback, but it can have some very serious consequences that the bank typically will not tell you:

  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • There is no guarantee that your bank will follow through on the chargeback, leaving you without refund
  • It can be difficuelt getting your bank to agree to make a chargeback in the first place
  • Your bank might require that you provide documentation that you dont have
  • It might be difficuelt getting a new credit card

In many cases, we can get your money back within 3-4 days

In many cases, we typically manage to get customers their money back from Netflix within 3-4 days. We know the process and have dealt with Netflix before. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from Netflix back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

If you want us to get started on getting your money back from Netflix, then just fill out the form below and we will start the process:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

204 Replies to “How to get money back from Netflix”

  1. I signed up my Netflix account with my PayPal account, now when the billing date came there was no money and my PayPal account and Netflix went a dug into my main Barclays account and took money with no authorisation. I am very disappointed at the fact that they dug in to my Barclays account just to collect money. What makes this worse is that they did not even send a warning of any sort.

  2. my husband passed away 2 years ago and I just found out Netflix has been charging not only my account but his also, he never had an account that I know of. I have been customer for years and have enjoyed my membership. There is no way my husband could have used my card to apply for account, I have no idea how that managed to do this because my husband had dementia. Also we lived on a limited income and could not afford two accounts. When I discovered the error I called Netflix and they aid they would only refund one month which is unacceptable. I want refund from when he died April 14, 2016. His name was James Dunigan . Our address where we lived was 49 Idell Circle Petal, Ms 39465.

    1. Jannie, I’m sorry for your loss. Please don’t ever post your personal details on line like this.
      This is very dangerous. Someone probably phished your credit card info from you or your late husband.
      I’m sure if you tell them your going to post your story in social media you would get a better response.
      Best of luck to you.

    2. I want to refund my money that I spent on the subscription just a few moments ago. We had gotten an offer from Bajaj of 649 credits for Netflix so thinking it would be free but the amount got deducted from my account and then later we got the message that the credits will be utilized for the next bill. Kindly look into this matter

  3. I got paid rs 649 for my netflix account without my consent. i was not asked before making any payment and i don’t wish to have a subscription with Netflix and i never had. kindly help me to get my money back

  4. I cancelled my netflix membership and my little brother logged onto my account and clicked start membership without knowing the outcome. Can I please get a refund and cancel the membership and its service.

  5. I’m quite low on money and thought i canceled the subscription off netflix, to my surprise I got an email today saying that the payment was successful, while my bank account was empty, and now that Netflix took some money I was planning to use on something important I cannot get it anymore. I really need the refund asap.

  6. I canceled my account at *am I no longer want Netflix or would I watch for the rest of the month I need my money back I can’t afford to lose it right now because I’ll be overdrawn and have to pay fees please help I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to deal with this problem ugh so frustrating

  7. I started using free trial but they said that before taking money a text message would come and i could quit netflix but text message didnt come and money has been taken from my card i haven’t used netflix and i want my money back if its possible

  8. I started using free trial but they said that before taking money a text message would come and i could quit netflix but text message didnt come and money has been taken from my card i haven’t used netflix and i want my money back if its possible please

  9. They have been charging my card for 2 accounts for the past 4 months. I only have one account. I canceled my subscription on February 5, 2019 and they charged me again today. I would like all my money back please. The account canceled E Mail is it was canceled awhile back and still being charged 2 accounts.

  10. I had afree 1 month on Netflix . Idi not intend to resume my membership.i actually forgot i had my master card Connected to it.So suddenly netflix charged me with 12 euros just recently .wanna get back my money

  11. I don’t freakin understand why Netflix took my Money without asking.i had a free 1month and after that i had some money on my mastee card they automatically charged me with 12 dollars. I received thatmessage just recently. i wanna get back my money asap

  12. I’m supposed to have a Netflix gift card on my account to pay for my subscription but it charged my debit card instead, I want my money back!

  13. i had cancelled my netflix account and i got charged still, i want my money back, i didn’t start the subscription, i had cancelled it, it costs too much for me, and the fact that i didn’t request for a subscription confuses me

  14. I just sign up netflix and by mistake proceed the payment because I thought it was a free trial. Please refund my money

  15. Hi Team
    I want to have a refund of money which has been deducted from my account which is INR800 as I did not want to let it deduct automatically.
    Kindly let me know the norms and procedures to get my money back as I have already cancelled the subscription.

  16. I was charged INR 800 for monthly subscription, I was unaware of the T&C.
    I want my money to be refunded if possible

  17. I want to get refund from my Netflix account, I forgot my password and I don’t even waatch Netflix. If it’s possible I also want to xancel my subscription

  18. I unfortunately got Netflix subscription so they are charging 19 aud for every month . Can you stop that and give my money back please .
    Thank you

  19. I had done by mistake subscription on my netlfix account but i dont want it due to some reasons so please can you give my refund and delete my account

  20. My little sister has been purchasing the subscribtion for two months without my permission and i would like to get a refund.

  21. Hi! I wanted to have a free month but accidentally used an old card number that was saved in my browser and it charged me with 11.99 Euro. I would like to cancel the subscription and get my money back if possible as I did not want a subscription, I just wanted to try a free month. Thank you!

  22. Hi my name is Nicole and accidently i paid Netflix and expanded from my old account which i dont use anymore. Is there a chance i could get my money back? The old account was on email. Thank you

  23. I was ready to cancel my subscription because there is nothing for me to watch and i get message that netflix took money from me for one more month but i dont want to pay netflix for movies or shows that i dont watch

  24. Hoping this isn’t some scam. But I would like to try and get my money back from Netflix considering I did not have a whole lot in my account to begin with

  25. I was looking for free service in netflix but my amount has been charged by there any provision to refund the money

  26. Hello, it`s two days after activation my 1 month free account started, but you charge me 319 CZK. Why? First month had to be for free! Please, can you refund my money back? Thanks so much.

  27. Hello, i am Yosef and i tried the 1 month free trail, i cancelled my membership and a month later, it renewed it and took 14$ from my credit card. I would like to cancel that and get my money back because i never asked for that

  28. Man, these Netflix people are devious. I am uncertain if I will be successful, but I certainly want my money back.

  29. I was charged for a monthly subscription fee of $15.99 on may 10th and it was not authorized by me and my email on my netflix acct was changed without me knowing it…my email was and my password was Graham19….I need to find out how I can go about getting my money back asap….

  30. Yes please help me. I only got a message that money has been taken. But i s waiting got my free month to end. This message came 2 days after i started my free mo nthekela me get my money back.

  31. Need a refund from Netflix, my subscription was renewed today against my wishes or confirmation money was just deducted from my bank

  32. hello this is manish nathani the payment is auto debit from my account without any reminder i dont want to spend my money in netflix please give me back my 800rs refund which is auto debit from my card.

  33. I had registered for free trial but the money got deducted from my account i.e ₹ 799. I want to cancel the subscription and get my money back.

  34. I forgot to cancel my subscription for Netflix and money got automatically debited from my account for the month of September.

  35. Netflix has taken money out my credit card and I dont know why they did when am not using Netflix nor did I give any consent. I want my money back that’s some BS Netflix has done.

  36. Hi,I had a free trial which I forgot and I haven’t even used it once on Netflix,but Now a charge was made for new month,I cancelled the membership,but can I get the money back?

  37. I started a free month of Netflix with my cash app card and I just recently got some money on it for groceries and Netflix took $12.99 out of my account when I didn’t authorize it. I also canceled the account so I need my money back to my card.

  38. I want to get my money back. I haven’t used my Netflix account for a year and it still takes my money every month. Can I get a refund?

    1. If you havent already, call the line and explain your situation then ask for a refund. they typically will refund the months the service wasnt used. did that myself 3 days ago and got back 2 months of payment

  39. hi. please dont continue my firsr request 5 EUR is somewhat huge money in the philippines. I already requested netflix for a refund. I just wait for up to 30 days. thank you very much

  40. I wanted to try out Netflix via free trial but Instead accidentally subscribed for a month. Kindly help to get refund.

  41. I was charged the sum of 4500 for my free trial and I would like a refund.
    My account number is : 6170030446
    Fidelity Bank

  42. I tried to cancel my netflix account but cancelled it too late now i want a refund i ready to not even use netflix if you get our money back..

  43. I wanted to cancel my membership today when I noticed that they had already taken the money out of my account which I didn’t know they could do as this would be my second month on Netflix. They didn’t not send me an e-mail beforehand to inform me that they were gonna take the money out of my account which I find extremely rude.

  44. My daughter made a payment without my permission. And I need that money back to pay the rent. Please help me get my money back. Its important that I get it back ASAP.

  45. Please assist and get my refund from Netflix, am unable to login into their app and i e-mailed them to unsubscribe.

  46. I mistakenly started a membership and Netflix removed my money from my account. I have cancelled the membership now, can I get a refund?

  47. Netflix charged money from my account without giving any notice or confirmation. and I just cancel my membership because I have no time to watch netflix. Taking the money while i’m not watching the movie is so waste. Please refund my money for this month payment.

  48. Netflix took money off a card it shouldn’t have and now I don’t have the $$ I need to put the gas in my car to get to and from work the rest of this week..

  49. i had got the netflix plan too test it for free and when i checked my bank account it took the money before the trail was over i was just curious if i could have it handled thru the billing instead of a refund my name is andrew scott

  50. i don’t want my netflix account anymore but i would like my money back because it is the first day since my money was transfered

  51. I signed up for netflix using my cashapp card because it said I was getting a free trial then outta nowhere I get a notification saying I spent $18:39 at Netlix. I want my money back now!

  52. Is there any possible way I can get a refund for an accidental purchase I made for Netflix. I already own a Netflix account and have been paying for it for about 8 months now. I had purchased a new device today, and I went to sign into my Netflix account on said device. Since I hadn’t needed to sign into the account for a while, I’d forgotten which email I’d used, so when I went to sign in with a different email to the one used on my actual account. When I’d signed in, it told me to start my membership, which I thought was odd. I did it, filled in all the forms, and it turned out that I had made a new account and paid for it by mistake. Is there a possibility that this new account can be deleted, along with a refund for the account? Cheers.

  53. I would like a refund on my account because I paid for two accounts accidentally. I would greatly appreciate if you could refund my money in time of need. Thank you

  54. i was ready to cancel my free 30 days netflix account but netflix took my money. It showed that it have 2 days more left, but they took money this morning.

  55. I logged into my Netflix account accidentally thinking it was my sisters who is paying for the membership and 15.99 got taken out of my account for logging into my account that I had previously cancelled my membership for! Can I please get my 15,99 back ??

  56. Hello! I didnt have time to watch netflix, so when my free trial ended I just deleted my account , but it took my money from my card , then I activated my page once again to see what was the point. I dont get it, can you please help me to get my money back,if its possible.

  57. i have applied refund for my netflix account they say refund will be given a maximum days of limit i.e,30 but most people are saying netflix doesnt give refund what should i have to do? i am so confused..anyone give me a fine solution for me to get rid of this thing.