and took money from me and took money from me

Movie website online where I was looking to find a movie. After signing up it asked details of my credit card saying no charge sign up for free so I entered my card details and just a week later after registering, money was taken from my account.

77.72 dollars was taken from my card so I immediately canceled my card i used to sign up on the websites. But a few hours later another 77.72 dollars was taken even after i cancelled my card.

Those websites are and

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19 Replies to “ and took money from me”

  1. 411 took $77.11 from my debit account. Was not signed up too this they appeared when signing up through another website for free movies who also took money as this was suppose too be free. The money was returned too .y account after I emailed them x2.

  2. Music G8 was the site I signed up too which was suppose to be free but they deducted from my debit account. After emailing them twice I see they refunded the money. Today I discovered that another website that showed up on this site that I did not sign up too call 411 has taken $77.11 from the same account on 01/10/2018.

  3. Music G8 was suppose to be free but charged my account. Also another site called 411 appeared which I didn’t sign up too has also deducted from my account $77.11.
    I will be canceling my debit card.

  4. Hi. You have been taking money out of my account for 7 months. I want my money back now. I’ve never signed up for this ever.

  5. I’ve had money taken off my Visa debit card of usd $49.99 from I’m not impressed can I please have my money back.

    Thank you

  6. I subscribed to these website because its free but now i was charged with 79 dollars and now i want to unsubscribe it but i am not able to how because i do not know which website is it . I want to unsubscribe it and want my money refund help me