Did Curology take money from your bank account?

Did Curology take money from your bank account?

Have you checked your bank account or received a notification that a withdrawal has been made from Curology?

Curology have build a business around a subscription model that automatically charges its customers from their credit card. So that leaves the question: Is it realistic that you can get your money back from Curology? Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once Curology has taken them.

A chargeback with your bank might be a bad idea

One way to deal with such a situation is to do a chargeback, but it can have some very serious consequences that the bank typically will not tell you:

  • You will sometimes physically have to go to visit your local branch to sign paperwork to get the charges from Curology revoked
  • It might be difficuelt getting a new credit card
  • It can be difficuelt getting your bank to agree to make a chargeback in the first place
  • Your bank might require that you provide documentation that you dont have
  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future

Let us help you get your money back

In many cases, we typically manage to get customers their money back from Curology within 3-4 days. We know the process and have dealt with Curology before. We, of course, cant work for free, we charge a fee of 5 EUR for us to process the case. However, we only charge that fee if you actually manage to get your money back!

To start the process of getting your money back, simply fill in the form below and we will get the process started!

Please help us: If you have information to who or what company (might be showing on your creditcard statement) are behind this service, plase let us know in the comments.

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

27 Replies to “Did Curology take money from your bank account?”

  1. I disliked my experience with curology and they charged me without notifying me that they would be sending another bottle. The customer support is no help and refuses to give me my money back even though they claim they have a refund guarantee.

  2. I cancelled my account and subscription but they still charged me $40 out of my account and I would like a refund.

  3. I forgot to cancel the subscription in time so now Curology charged me $59.90. I need that money back.

  4. I didn’t enjoy the product, but was waiting for an email about my free trail which was never sent. I got charged $59.90 for a product that I’ll never use. I never even got an email about a new shipment and can’t view this shipment anywhere on the sight. I really need that money back.

  5. The free trial irritates my skin and I cancelled my subscription but before that they charged me $39.90 without letting me know through email! I need my refund back!

  6. My granddaughter canceled her order last month and still took out from my checking account this month need you to put it back in my bank ASAP

  7. I didn’t get a notification from curology about payment and I need the money back. I just lost my job so I’m struggling in the red and can’t afford to lose $60. Please help!!

  8. I was charged 59.90 for something i already canceled yesterday, and can not afford to. Support is slow and i really need that back. Never used the product to begin with, was only curious about it.

  9. Hi there! I just got charged 60 dollars for my regular subscription from curology but then they charged me a 40 DOLLAR fee! I’m extremely confused as why and I want all my money back and to just cancel this subscription because I’m very big on not letting these corporations take advantage of hard working middle-low class people who really need that 100 dollars back for things that actual matter like keeping my bills paid and food on the table for my family. This makes me very sad because this is the only product that works with my extremely painful cystic acne, so finding another thing that works will take me a while. But I have zero respect for companies who think they can just take money from us. And I would greatly appreciate your help in getting my 100 dollars back, even if I can get some of it back I’ll be very grateful for your guys help, I’m even willing to pay you more if you could get all of it back for me. If not doesn’t matter, I still greatly appreciate the effort and pay you for your service. Thank you for helping people out, have a blessed Christmas and New Years from my family to yours!

  10. I need a refund for my curology set because I didn’t know it’ll charge that much off of my card and I haven’t got my shipment yet either

  11. I want my money back. I thought I was just going to get the free trial, and they would ask if I still want to continue. I didn’t know that they automatically took the money out of my account. That’s $80 that I lost. That’s too much. I don’t want to continue it. I just want my refine.