Did PlayBombs.com take money from your account?

Did PlayBombs.com take money from your account?

Have you like many other customers from PlayBombs.com also been charged money on your credit card that you have not authorized?

Often customers of PlayBombs.com have no knowledge that they have been signed up for a subscription that automatically renews and takes money from your credit card. So that leaves the question: Is it realistic that you can get your money back from PlayBombs.com? It can often be extremely difficult and frustrating trying to get the money back once PlayBombs.com has taken them from your account.

Why a chargeback might be a bad idea

A natural reaction would be to go to your bank and ask to do a chargeback, but it might not be the best thing for you because:

  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • You will be without a credit card for a while since you bank will disable it
  • You will need to resubscribe to all other services again that you have connected your credit card with (like phone subscription, streaming services, automatic payments etc)

In many cases, we can get your money back within 3-4 days

We have build a business model around helping consumers get their money back. We, of course, cant work for free, we charge a fee of 5 EUR for us to process the case. However, we only charge that fee if you actually manage to get your money back!

If you want us to contact and speak with PlayBombs.com about your money, then just submit the form below and we will get started right away:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

74 Replies to “Did PlayBombs.com take money from your account?”

    1. La verdad quiero recuperar mi dinero de la pagina de playbombs ya que me robaron casi 6000 pesos colombianos de mi tarjeta sabiendo que al suscribirme en la pagina no me cobraban nada me ayudan porfa

  1. $99.90 was stolen from me in the past two months and I never signed up for PLAYBOMBS.com I want my money back now!

  2. 49.95. accidentally noticed that they withdrew money from the account. I do not remember signing on this site

  3. $ 99.90 was stolen from me over the past two months, and I never subscribed to PLAYBOMBS.com. I want to return my money, please

  4. I was charged $66.30 for 3 months which adds up to $199 CAD. Please help me get this money back as I dont know what playbombs even is!

  5. I was horrified and disgusted without being devastated and emotionally distraught when £44.95 was taken from my bank account and because they tried to do it again my bank got in touch with me asking if i new anything about it and because i didn’t they instantly classed it of fraud and i was passed from pillar to post, my bank then but a block on my card so they couldn’t do it again. I emailed playbomb.com and unfortunately they refuse refunds, i was on a break away at that time with my 2 little grandsons so you can imagine what i went through the worst time. I really hope that you can get a refund back for me that would be the best. Thank you.

  6. I did not Bay anything from this playce
    Från konto52950021514
    Belopp i SEK520,70
    InköpsställePLAYBOMBS COM
    Belopp i utländsk valuta4

  7. yous have taken money out of my account thats not yours.. i believe i have lost nearly $200 or more from yous.. i want my money back asap.. over $70 came out today alone..

  8. On 30 January 2019, PLAYBOMBS.COM 18665746588 CY charged my Visa Card $72.26. As far as I am aware, I have not authorised any such charge.

  9. Playbomb took money from my account as i register for pay as you as and i didnt watch anything . Please help

  10. Playbombs takes $70 out of my bank at the start of every month for at least 6 months. I want my money back asap please

  11. I apparently signed up in March for movies with Playbomb …I think !! but I don’t remember ever getting a thank you for registering email and I have rechecked my emails …There was a Gamerock thing that I never ever used or know how to… I emailed them they said that the it was an error and that they would reimburse me and cancel the subscription.. I need assistance with this please…many thanks

  12. I did not remember signing up for this website but it’s continuing taking money from my bank account $73 a week this is money theft of the of the highest degree if they have access to our bank account which we did not give I don’t know what else do they have access to

  13. They offered a free trial and the next day charged me over $50. Can you help return my money for something I never used or wanted to purchase

  14. Playbombs took 92p never said they could want my refund and I want my details deleted if anymore money is taken out I will not be happy

  15. j’ais été arnaquer par playbombs sur une somme de 50 euro trois fois, trois fois de mois different alors comment puis je ravoir une partie de mon argents je vous en remercie

  16. Playbomb has taken over $200 from account even when I cancelled my subscription on the very same day and even changed my credit card but they still managed to take it. I am a mother of1 and I need that money for my child and myself to survive.

  17. 57,95 € was stolen from me last month from playbombs.com. I feel devastated, because I do not remember signing in on that website

  18. Hello Refund Helper so I signed up for Playbombs.com awhile ago and on their website it said it was free but then I got $66.61 CAD taken from my account,they lied and said the service was free but it turned out you had to pay. I don’t think they do refunds which is sketchy and a bad business practice. I need you to get my money back I am trying to start a business.

  19. Playbombs.com 188665746588 Cy 3.56 payment on my credit card. Please can you cancel this subscription and close my account. My credit card has been cancelled as my card gas been used frauduently online. So I am cancelling all my subscriptions and accounts on line. I also have not used your site since opening account. Thanks Kaye Rowland

  20. I would like to cancel my subscription please,it tells me to download something then cant do anything,please cancel my subscription

  21. hello, my name’s norah and Playbomb took 57 euro..
    what is the info that required to get my money back

  22. I had $49.95 taken out of my account. I did not authorize the withdrawal of this amount to be taken out my account.

  23. On august 17, 2020 I was charged 49.95 by playbomb.com which I have not authorized. I do not wish to do business with them in the near future. If my account can be cancelled ,please do so.

  24. I had $49.95 taken out of my account. I did not authorize the withdrawal of this amount to be taken out my account.

  25. I want my fuking money bak now u moksukers I never now n u before my bank is do I g s fraud chek up on dogs il be happy to see u fund in jsill I nerd OT now I vant feed my kids fuk I g arssoles. suspend my details n put it baaasssakkkkkk mother fuk I g nooooowwwwww ok

  26. I have no idea who/what Playbombs.com is. I would like $49.95 and any other future purchases

  27. $50 has been taken out of my account , I haven’t signed up for playbombs. So I would love to get my money back ASAP pls and thank you

  28. playbombs charged me a 60 dollars and also a gmspayment.com is also charging 50 cad from my account and i have no idea how that happened.

  29. hey, so apparently I signed up for a free membership from aybombs. Only to realize an initial charge Lready registerd on my account. Can you please look into this for me…

  30. I accidentally join this site without knowledge.
    Once I read my email I quickly unsubscribe that hour and now it’s deducted money from my account.
    Not exceptable I want my money back

  31. Why you cut my money from my account please refund my money how give you permission for subscription