Oviport Ltd. took money from me – here is my story

Oviport Ltd. took money from me – here is my story

I found website that have membership for reeding books, but they offer one month for free. I agreed, and gave my debit card number. information came that everything (my login and all info) come to my mail, but never did. So I wrote them and I have all my mails with them where they said that they dont have nothing from me, and I never gave any number of my card. But 0n 17.04.2019 after less than month, they charged me 45 euro. practicly everything I have on that credit card.
Website name: booksandebooks.net
Than they direct you to : maxmusic.com
This how it looks. Here is also their mail…..
Questions? Comments?
Give us a call at 1-925-350-5234
Or email us [email protected]
Contact Address
Oviport LTD – 11 Timis, 3rd floor, office/flat 302, 2220 Nicosia, Cyprus

And on the end, they direct you to this site:

Please help us: If you have information to who or what company (might be showing on your creditcard statement) are behind this service, plase let us know in the comments.

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.