What to do if 247Mediaz.com took money from your account!

What to do if 247Mediaz.com took money from your account!

Have you like many other customers from 247Mediaz.com also been charged money on your credit card that you have not authorized?

247Mediaz.com have build a business around a subscription model that automatically charges its customers from their credit card. So that leaves the question: How can you get your money back from 247Mediaz.com? Often customers find that it can be extremely difficult having their money returned to their accounts once 247Mediaz.com has taken them.

Why a chargeback might be a bad idea

A natural reaction would be to go to your bank and ask to do a chargeback, but it might not be the best thing for you because:

  • Your bank might give you a lower credit rating. That could mean it would be more difficult to get a loan in the future
  • You will need to resubscribe to all other services again that you have connected your credit card with (like phone subscription, streaming services, automatic payments etc)
  • Your bank might impose a fee that you will have to pay

In many cases, we can get your money back within 3-4 days

We have helped consumers get their money back from 247Mediaz.com in the past. We might have a direct contact that will help process the refund of your money. If you want we can help get your money back for a fee of 5 EUR. You only pay once we actually manage to get your money back you have been charged from 247Mediaz.com back into your account. That’s no cure, no pay!

If you want us to contact and speak with 247Mediaz.com about your money, then just submit the form below and we will get started right away:

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Important: If you don't hear back from us within 5 days we advice you to contact your bank and request a chargeback.

282 Replies to “What to do if 247Mediaz.com took money from your account!”

  1. 247mediaz.com charged me 72 dollars on 18th may 2018 i like to know how i cn get tht back i have bn in contct wth my bnk there fore asking that i get in contct wth them asap as they bn taking mny from my acc .pls get in touch wth me by email thnku

        1. morning sir why this apps taking my money without my permssion how o delt my acount this app and how i get my money back plz help me i k poor person

      1. I subscribed to a totally free app and got sucked in because they said they needed my bank account number to confirm where im from. They’ve taken $81.98 from my account

      2. why has $75.70 been taken from my account on 12 January 2020 without authorisation i want this refunded back to my account and want to unsubscribe, a reply from u would b much appreciated.

      3. Money taken out by Mediaz247.com 19252988457 around $85.92, and I would like to get it back and please tell me how do I stop this from happening again. Thanks you.

  2. 247media.com took $67.82 from my back without authorisation 84470351 and 18667560 is the only other information that came on my transaction with the bill. If I could get it returned great because it was my son who is 5yo who made the purchase due to card belting linked to computer. How do I cancel the service

  3. Hi my daughter subscribed to this without my knowledge and used my credit card. I need this refunded asap, the charge I discovered on my bank statement was $74 NZD or $49.99 USD

  4. How do I get money back they jus took money from account yesterday 13th aug 2018.. don’t know how to stop it from happening g

  5. 247mediaz has been chargeing my credit card 68.00 Australian dollars how do I cancel it
    This is what the statement states
    247 median .com 18667560507 grin amount 49.95 US dollar recurring direct debit Aus 68.00

  6. I foolishly believed they were giving away $100.00 Sobey’s gift coupons. Then their was this subscription. I did not authorize any money coming off my credit card from them. They have taken 2 payments, 1 for $1.37 and the 2nd for $65.09 cdn. Please help and cancel this subscription.

  7. I have sent in request to cancel this and now another payment had been charged to my credit card for $67.87 . Why was this not cancelled?? I would like to request refund on above ant. Has it was charged after I cancelled this.

  8. El dia 6 de Noviembre del 2018 me han pasado 49,95€ y no tengo ni idea de que son. Me lgkustaria recuperar mi dinero y darme de baja de lo que quiera ser que se me haya inscrito. busco información y guía.

  9. Hi I do not know how you could draw money from me. I want my money back. I want you to deleate all my accounts that I have on this site. /Susanne Aldrin

  10. This site charged $1.44 to my credit card when I didn’t sign up for anything. I thought it was too good to be true “movies for nothing” and it was . I dropped th link before I committed to anything. This is a scam to get your credit card details and should be illegal.

  11. Necesito que me.cancelen mi suscripcion que jamas supe que hice, pense que el.mes pasado lo habia hecho pero este mes me volvio hacer el cobro, necesito que me devuelvan mi dinero, y den solucion a mi problema

  12. Hi I don’t remember if i subscribed to 247 Mediaz.com or not as i was looking after my very sick husband ( who has since died ) . They are taking money out of my bank account on the 8th of every month . I wish to inscribe & if i can get my money back . Thanks Chrissy

  13. I have been charged for unauthorized payments from my card. I just logged in to my account to start a budget plan to find out I’ve been charged for this unknown service for over a year! Very unprofessional and unacceptable. I would like my funds returned to my card. This is my first attempt to resolve the issue but I’ve already notified my legal shield attorney. Hopefully we can resolve this issue in a timely manner.

  14. 247mediaz.com have been taking money from my account multiple times I’m wondering what we can do about it

  15. Tengo cargos en mi MASTER CARD cuyos últimos cuatro dígitos son 8108, de esta pagina 247MEDIAZ.COM en las fechas 21 de febrero de 2019 por un monto de U$S 49,95, y el 23 de febrero de 2019 por un monto de U$S 49,95. Solicito se me realice el REEMBOLSO correspondiente a la brevedad, dado que no me suscribí en esta pagina y se hicieron los cargos mencionados sin mi consentimiento. O de lo contrario solicito se me de la BAJA DE SUSCRIPCIÓN de inmediato en caso de haberla

  16. Je souhaite me désabonner dans l’immédiat de 247Mediaz.com et ainsi cesser les prélèvements sur mon compte dès ce jour.

  17. 毎月のカード明細に、使った覚えのない金額があります。返金できなくても、停止だけでもしてほしいです。

  18. Hi good day.

    I have in my current account a transaction of my Visa card that indicates that on August 30, 2018 I made a payment of 49.95 (I do not know which currency) in Cyprus, which I did not make, I need detailed information that you have regarding to this transaction to invalidate this charge in my bank. Please. Thank you.

  19. Hy there
    Yesterday i had sign in with this website, there was clearly written that they wont charge any money so i put my bank details but i was chargedtoday. I just want my money back pls.

  20. I have been charged since 14/01/2019 on a monthly basis the sum of £43.41 plus a currency transaction fee ranging from £1.26 to £1.32, each month, until I had the payment stopped by my Aqua Credit Card.
    I have no idea what this charge is for and would welcome your assistance in recovering the total amount of £222.21, as I have no idea what it is for?
    Many thanks
    Keith Irwin

  21. Hi I had my subscription cancelled last week after money was taking from my account after being reimbursed and told no further monies would taken from my account there is $1.50 being taken out on the 2nd of July please stop this ASAP

  22. Both Spotzplay.com and 247MEDIAZ.com have taken money from my bank account Euro49.95 each time, one day apart July 16th 2019 and July 17th

  23. Hi I’m tryner get my money back from 247mediaz.. they have taken more than a few payments and I dont know what it’s even for. Iv tryed emailing them to stop it but my emails ainr getting through to them. Please help.

  24. I have had £54.59 taken from my account in 2 transactions in the last 2 months & I want my money back now!!!!.

  25. I want back my full money.
    23 Jul 2019
    Open transaction details247mediaz.c 1866756050 247mediaz.com CY CYP
    Card xx3162 USD 49.95
    Value Date_ 19/07/2019
    -$70.92 +$88.59
    Card number xx3162
    22 Jun 2019
    Open transaction details247mediaz.c 1866756050 247mediaz.com CY CYP
    Card xx3162 USD 49.95
    Value Date_ 19/06/2019

  26. Hi I try to cancel my membership and Refound my money but I couldn’tAnd I do not authorities 247 to take money from my account thanks

  27. Please can you help me get my money back 4 payments of between £51-£53 am really struggling went to bank they asked me to get in touch with the company which I’m finding very difficult thank you

  28. Please contact me regarding money you have taken from my account without my knowledge I did Not authorise this please call me on 0406581478 How do I stop this from happening again .. This is fraud Not Happy

  29. Hii,$75 was charged me by 247media.com that i never made , on sep10-2019 plz help me to refund it .my number-2508636829

  30. 247MEDIAZ. COM has taken £51.66 from my bank account without my authorisation. I have never heard of this company /website before and would like to get the money back that was taken by them. I have contacted my bank to report fraudulent withdrawal on my account I need to get the money back into my bank account can this be done, it would be a great and much appreciated help. Thank you

  31. Hello,
    247 mediaz took a hundred boxes from my account without any subscription.

    Please if you can help me contact me through my email.

    Best regards

    Lipsia Raimundo

  32. 247mediaz.c 1866756050 247mediaz.comCYP
    – 57,95
    Omschrijving247mediaz.c 1866756050 247mediaz.comCYP
    Datum6 oktober 2019 I did not authorize this.
    I hope you will help me get it bag.

  33. I was charged 67.97$ on sept. 28 and 66.96$ on oct 28 and both times WITHOUT my authorization. I request an immediate refund.

  34. i had 75.00 australa dollors taken from me and want to know why i signed up for a free trial purchased nothing please to get my money back

  35. Susan green i had 75.00taken from me and the website is called 247mediaz.com 18667560507 and to know why i signed up for a free trial and purchased nothing please get my money back

  36. Hi i am having lots of money taken out of my account for no reason can you please refund me so i dont go bank rupt

  37. the only took 89p out so i’m not worried about getting the money back but i’m wondering if they will do this again next month maybe with more money and if so how to i cancel it

  38. Почему без моего ведома сняли деньги с моей банкский картой 49 доллор

  39. I lost 117,96€ in total to 247mediaz.com and bookfeen.com. I am unemployed and I do not have enough money to waste on things like this. Please help me get back my money, as it was taken from me without authorization

  40. Your compagny 247mediaz debited my account on January 19, 2020 at $ 50. (15.140 HUF)
    Please tell me the reason for the above amount to be charged to my account?

  41. Hi I need my money back to my account because I have no idea about your business and I was shock when I see your name on my bank statement and the money you take from my account. Please I need my money back.

  42. Goodmorning, I tried to buy a booklet Gayatri Rahasya and got involved in Bookbuggs and subscribed on free charge. To my great surprise I just found out the Bookbuggs and 247Mediaz.Com charged my creditcard both for the amout of 1,03.
    I would be very happy to learn from you what to do about this situation and I thank you in advance. With kind regards, Hanneke Becx

  43. Please cancel my subscription and return the money I didn’t authorize my to be taken from my account

  44. Fizeram me 2 saques de dinheiro sem nunca sequer ter assinado nada. Já liguei ao banco e dizem que é um site fraudulento. Quero já a devolução das duas quantias que me retiraram indevidamente no dia de ontem e hoje.

  45. $84:66 was withdrawn from my account Westpac western Australia from card number:4909 last four digits
    This was a fraudulent withdraw, please return money asap
    Before I report to my bank.

  46. I have gotten 3 charges of Usd49.95 from 247Mediaz.com and I can’t
    even remember visiting the website. Please contact my email to help.

  47. Hi 247mediaz have been taking money of my account since Aug19, unfortunately i only noticed now. I’ve contacted my bank and they are not able to refund more than 120 days old charges. I was wondering if you would be able to recover the rest for me from them?

  48. I have been charged US$1 from my account. I unsubscribed from. 247mediaz.com way before this charge was done. I would like a refund of the money that was taken out of my account even with the unsubscription that was done.

  49. 274Mediaz charged my $85 for three times over the past three months, is it possible to have the money back?

  50. Son incappato in una truffa il sito si chiama trendun.com mi potete aiutare con la cancellazione al sito?

  51. Hey Goodnight. 247mediaz has taken $72.62 off my debit card. I subscribe for a $0.00 charge and they took money from my account. I would like to know how to get the money back please

  52. I made a registration and it was written that I won’t be charged,it’s free , so after few days I saw that they took money from my debit card 95€ !!! I want them back!

  53. Hi, please I want to cancel the thing and bring my money back asab please, I’ve already contact my bank, and they want me to contact you to refund my money please. Thanks.

  54. I just checked my account, and I have been charged 118NZD From a this 247 Mediaz account and I have never heard about them or ever subscribed with them.

  55. 247Mediaz have just taken money out of my account again for the second time, I do not have any goods or received any service from them! I am having money stolen from my account by 247Mediaz! This company is fraudulent!!! Something needs to be done about 247Mediaz!!!

  56. 247mediaz.com has taken $72.65 from my bank account without authorization. I subscribe for free!!! Why am I getting charged for something I did not sign up for? I want my money back ASAP. Contact me at+61431103793.

  57. Hi there why am I billed for ????? There is a $115.58 coming out of my account this morning – what the fuck is that for

  58. Geachte,
    Men heeft reeds op 23/5/20 en 23/6/20 75 euro van mijn kaart gestolen!?
    Ik heb daar geen autorisatie voor gegeven!!! 0486 555 750

  59. I was charged USD $49.95 (CAD $71.92 on May 23, 2020 and USD$49.95 (CAD$ 69.47) on June 23, 2020. I got Surprised to know. How I had been charged these amount? Please refund my amount. I lost job Since March (Because of pandemic).

  60. I was charged USD $49.95 (CAD $71.92 on May 23, 2020 and USD$49.95 (CAD$ 69.47) on June 23, 2020 by 247 MEDIAZ.COM from my credit card. I got Surprised to know. How I had been charged these amount? Please refund my amount. I lost job Since March (Because of pandemic).

  61. Hello im not sure why you are taking money out my account, but I will tell you if you don’t refund the money you have took out my account I will be taking this further and it won’t be a happy ending for you .i have tried cancel this but now im going further with this issue. Thank you

  62. 115.9 euro have been taken from my account every month without authorisation. I want this refunded back to my account and want to unsubscribe, a reply from u would be much appreciated.

  63. Hi my name is Angeline moewai Mccormack i live in turangi i have been charged 2 payments of $77.98 an that was unauthorized buy me i have rung my bank to have it stopped asap please i require a full refund asap my bank has put it forward as a dispute situation so you can no longer have authority to my bank account number

  64. Hi 247MEDIAZ.COM has taken £161.87 from me and I’ve done everything in my power to try to stop it. Please help me get my money back and cancel my subscription

  65. Hi on 17th of November 2020 I was charged by 247 mediaz.co of $70.99 that was taken from my account and really want to get this refund back to me please. Please contact me ASAP

  66. I have been charged 3 times now (twice by mediaz247.com and once by musikzoo.com). I have no idea what this is. We talk about 200€ here.

  67. Hi $104.25 was taken out if my acc. I don’t know why or how but I would like it refunded back into my acc please. Also I would like to cancel whatever subscription is in my name.

  68. I have a lot of charges on my Visa that I did not authorize. 1.34 was taken out on Jan 11, then the 14th 65.27 was taken out there was a correction on the 18th for 65.27 then 65.10 was taken out same date. I need to see about getting these charges back as well as make sure this gets cancelled as I have no idea if this is a subscription and find out where you even got my number to begin with?

  69. seid 4/2019 wird jeden Monat 57,95 € von meiner Kreditkarte abgebucht.Bitte Kündigen sie das Abbo welches ich nicht wissendlich abgeschlossen habe

  70. I dont know how they got a hold of my information but its been 2 months they took money from my account. I want to unsubscribe and get a refund for the 2 times money stolen from my account

  71. An automatic monthly payment is taken from my account by 247 Mediaz.com. This transaction must be stopped immediately. A refund of monies taken would also be helpful
    Wendy Clancy

  72. Hello. Even though I’m not registered here, I’ve got my money taken from your website. There was no reason to charge me for something, I didn’t use any of your services. Please, return money ASAP.

  73. 247Mediaz took my money without any reason about 1 month ago. Can you please help me. They took it from my business. 49eur

  74. I did not authorised to get the money on my account the amount of $79.22. I do not know what kind of wevsites are these? I wish to refund my cash and wishes to send my money to my elder brother in the Philippines who more needed due to his health illness of leukemia that immediately needing a blood transplant for his leukemia.

  75. I want the money that was taken from my account put straight back in! I’m on a pension and you didn’t have my concent to take it out of my account I’m really not happy! This is my number! Contact me asap today on 042367954

  76. On the 5th of April 2021 247Mediaz.com took US$49.95 from my account I do not know for what.

  77. Good evening sorry to do this but I thought this was canceled because I didn’t get the entertainment game I really don’t know how this happened so sorry I just want this canceled and could I have this refunded I am elderly thank you

  78. I want my to get my money back USD 74.95 was debited from my Credit Card on 09 May 2021. I subscribed because it was fee.

  79. To Whom It May Concern,
    Took the money from my bank account that I did not know about it. I would like my refund of $77.24 from 247mediaz.com
    I have no idea why I am getting charge for the business company. I am hoping I will not get charge again in the future.

    Thank you for taking this into consideration.

    Kind regards,
    Carina Miers

  80. To whom it may concern when you took the last payment from my card I email you to cancel this mediaz and I ask for my money back so please could you cancel this I have already stop payment from my accounts and could I have my money back thank you

  81. Why is media’s taking money out of my account with out my promision i will like the refund of $80 back into my account

  82. Hi l send you a email to you last month don’t take money out of my account if you do l will take legal action put money back in thanks

  83. I have a suspicious transaction ref URMEDIAZ.COM 1-8662071464 from my VISA. Is this possibly from who you refer?

  84. money was taken from my account from 247Mediaz.com that was not authorized. $33.52 AUD. How can I get these thieves to return my money?

  85. James yes hi it’s been numerous times I have been charged by this mediaz247.co
    72$usd and I have no idea how to cancel whatever this subscription is. I just googled now to find this . Please help. A refund will be even better and to stop this from continuing to happen !

  86. Hi
    I have been charged £49.74 against an account MEDIAZ247.COM 1-8662077622 GBR on 23 August 2021.
    I do not recognise this account but logged in to their site using a password I know to be compromised. On Logging in it takes you to a panel that says..’All Games’ which is blank, ‘Installed Games’ Aslo blank.. I have never bought or play paid for games..? Could you please try and obtain a refund for me..
    Many thanks and Kind regards.. Mike

  87. I have been charged NZD 100 on 07th october2021. I do not recognise this account. Could you please try and obtain a refund for me..pliz contact asap
    Many thanks and Kind regards..Radhika


  88. Hi there. I live in Australia and 247Mediaz.com keeps taking money from me. But I don’t remember ever signing up to it. I also can’t work out how to unsubscribe. If u could help me do that and even get some of my money back would be amazing.

  89. I have been getting $80 plus taken out of my account a month over a year without even knowing! I would like my account to be cancelled and money back. This is not good at all!

  90. Mediaz247.com charged me $68.66 for a subscription I did not authorise. I would like to cancel whatever authority they have and get my money back. Thank you

  91. Hi my name is Bernadette I see on my account that it has been deducted $70.39 AUD. I have not authorized this transaction. Can you cancel this transaction. And can I get my refund back please.

  92. I’ve been charge with this mediaz247 i’d to cancel, and for a fact i did, but then again they charged me this month. I need, please, assistance to get my money back and to not let them win lying to people

  93. I have now twice had $86 taken from my account by mediaz247.com I have not authorised this at all I jave no need for it I do not run a business I have contacted them twice asking it stop and destroy my account details and that I have not authorised this to happen and had no response. Want it fixed

  94. Just found out my 12 year old grandson who suffers with Autism has used my bank card without my permission and I want what ever he signed up for tobe cancelled and no money taken from my Bank Account please or I will involve the Police . Has I did not evan give Permission

  95. Hi I’m asking for a refund I don’t even know how I signed up to this but it has been taking money out of my account for months now and I would like it back.

  96. Hey, from my bank account not a single cent was taken, but there were two tries,just i don’t have 57.95€ in my account. how to stop these tries to take my money? firsy try was from yomedias.com and second from mediaik.com could you please tell how to stop it

  97. Hello. I need to you return my money to my credit card because I didn’t authorised myself that pay.

  98. I didn’t authorize money to come out of my card please cancel any more money coming out my subscription been cancel during afree trial

  99. 93 plus dollars was just stolen from my account by your scam of a set up i want my money back immediately and want nothing to do with whatever your disgusting thieving schemes are

  100. I don’t know why you have stolen 93 dollars from me but I would like it back immediately please as i didn’t agree to this at all

  101. I don’t know why you have stolen 93 dollars from me but I would like it back immediately please as i didn’t agree to this at all please contact me immediately on 0478793047 thankyou

  102. I just realized that 247MEDIAZ.COM has been taking $49.95 every month for the past 2 years. That is 24 payments of $49.95 which I did not authorize. I should have checked my statements more carefully to stop this fraudulent activity. I did cancel subscription today. Please help me get a refund. Dale S. Cohen

  103. I just realized that 247MEDIAZ.COM has been charging my credit card $49.95 every month for the past 2 years. That is 24 payments of $49.95 which I did not authorize. I should have checked my statements more carefully to stop this fraudulent activity. I did cancel subscription today. Please help me get a refund.

  104. Money was charged for what I do not know today $74.53 AU with following reference
    mediaz247.com 19252988457 GB
    I’d like my money back